Majestic mountains, rolling meadows, and the bored family that is constantly bickering. Does this sound all too familiar on your family road trip? Well, we have the solution for your problem, 10 fun road trip games that are great for kids or parents!  

Road trip games have the ability to save your sanity as your car is winding down various roads with no foreseeable end. Are the kids constantly asking if you’re there yet? Are the parents groaning about how boring the car ride is? 

These ten road trip games are the perfect way to keep all passengers entertained wherever you go. There are games for everyone, including the know it all, the loud one, and the quick witted one. Win, or lose, this game is perfect for every day traveling, whether it be night or day.

These games are a great way to keep everyone off of social media, allowing them to just live life with the people they love! Some of the games require purchases, whereas others only require you to use your brain and begin the game! None of these games can be played alone, so make sure that you have room for all of your friends in the party.

Road Trip Trivia 

Road trip trivia is the perfect game for those individuals that like to learn things about the places that they have been and the places that they are going. Road trips are never boring when you are competing to prove who has the most random assortment of knowledge.  

The metal tin that the game is found in allows the mess to be contained when traveling, and only when it is opened, can the game really begin. Your family may choose to play with random locations, or you can use the locations that you are near. It is whatever works best for your family as this game allows for a lot of freedom when playing! 

When you spend the time playing the game, you should ensure that someone else besides the driver is reading the cards. This allows the driver to watch the road while every other person in the car plays.


Shotgun is the perfect game for any age group. This game can easily keep younger players occupied, while older players will be just as happy on the vacation trip. The player riding Shotgun will quickly think that they will never be able to play, as they are the designated card reader for the first game, but don’t worry, they will be able to play during the upcoming rounds.  

Shotgun can be purchased online, or you can come up with some questions yourself. The game has over two hundred question cards that allow players to complete a variety of actions to earn points. Of course, the player with the most points when the road trip ends, wins the game!  

Name the Artist 

Name the Artist is a game that is perfect for the musically inclined family. When a song comes on the radio, someone in the car must yell the artist of the song before any other player. The first player to do this, scores a point.  

If the game gets boring, you can spice it up by choosing a player to play random music from their phone. A second option is to only allow a few seconds of the song to play before the players must announce their answers. Either way, you get to listen to sick jams while also enjoying wholesome family time.  

Would You Rather Road Trip 

Would You Rather is a classic game that can be played in any party or group setting. Would You Rather also happens to be one of the most perfect road trip games for those who want to learn a little more about the people that they are traveling with!  You will bond with the players who play Would You Rather for the rest of your life.

In this game, players are presented with would you rather questions, and they must choose one of the two options that their friends give them. Fair warning, this game can get gross and out of hand quickly, because anything in the world is an option. As the game progresses, the players will come up with ridiculous choices that the others must choose between. 

If you aren’t able to come up with questions on the fly, you may also purchase a deck of Would You Rather cards, and then you can draw randomly from the deck. You will quickly get into the heads of your car-mates, so be prepared! Set a time limit for this game, because without it, everyone will be stuck playing forever.

The License Plate Game 

The goal of the License Plate Game is to spot as many license plates from as many states as possible! This game is great for kids and adults, alike as you travel through many cities and states. To make keeping score easier, players can print a map of the United States before heading out on their road trip.  

Using crayons, the players can color in their map as they spot certain license plates. They have to be confirmed by other players before they are allowed to count them! This saves the group from having to worry about cheating.  

Once a plate is called, it cannot be called again, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. The players will quickly become excited as they realize that many of the plates from the same state do not look the same! This will trick more than one player for sure!  

I Spy 

I Spy is a classic game that many families have played. It can also become an awesome road trip game, keeping everyone engaged and interested in their surroundings. This game can be as complicated or simple as you make it, making it perfect for any age group. Younger kids will love trying to trick the adults, and the adults will have to use their creativity to spot what the kids have found.  

The player will say “I Spy” and then give a quality of the object that they have chosen. The other player must be able to see the object, so it cannot be hidden. Their opponent will then begin to guess what they have spied. The opponent will get three tries before the spying player receives a point. If the player spots the object, then they earn a point instead! 

The Grocery Game 

The Grocery Game will have everyone in the car giggling by the end. This game is similar to I Spy, but it easily takes the place of I Spy when you are experiencing the boring stretch of a road trip, like the desert. This game uses imagination rather than actual objects in the surrounding space. 

The first player will think of something they have seen in a grocery store, but remember, grocery stores have lots of things, even toys! The other players must then ask questions regarding the object. Questions could be about its shape, its color, or its purpose. The questions cannot be open ended however, so they must be able to be answered with a simple yes or a no.  

The questions will have players laughing, and so will the random things that pop into people’s heads! 

Alphabet Game 

The Alphabet Game is a perfect game to practice alphabetical skills with younger kids, and it is more of a challenge than one would think! The goal of the game is to find signs that begin with each letter of the alphabet. The catch? It must happen in alphabetical order.   

If you think that you will have trouble keeping up with everyone’s place, then you can print a sheet online, or even do it yourself! This allows players to mark off each letter as they find a sign beginning with that letter, also writing out what it was beside it.  

The best time to find new signs is when you are stopping to eat or when you pass food places. Every body else may be caught up in city limit signs, but food places are where it is at!

In My Suitcase 

In My Suitcase is another fun alphabetical game. The players will attempt to finish the following statement: “I’m going on vacation and in my suitcase, I have….”.  

The first player will state an item that begins with the letter A. The next player will make the statement, mentioning an item that begins with the letter B. See how long your group can go! When someone gets stuck, and they do not have a word that matches the letter that they are on, then the round ends. 

If you don’t have many exciting things packed in your suitcases, besides what you wear, everyone can spice it up by stating items that aren’t actually in their bag. This will quickly lead to gut-wrenching laughs. 

Sing Along Challenge 

The Sing Along Challenge is another game that is directed at musically inclined families. A player will choose a song, and they will play a portion of the song. When the player pauses, a player that they choose will then begin to sing from the same place in the song.  

If the player is able to sing the next line, then they win a point. If they are unable to sing the next line, then the player that chose them wins a point. Every player has to be chosen before a player can be chosen again. This helps to avoid singling anyone out!  


Road trips are a must for families who want to make memories together. Although they can be boring at times, with enough initiative, the road trips will create memories all their own. Families will laugh, joke, and play games, making the trip seem faster than it is!  

From trivia games to singing challenges, these are some games that will work for any family. Any age group is able to participate in these games, as many of them can be modified for younger players.  

In conclusion, any of these games will make any road trip more exciting and joyful! These will help to pass the time for every member of the family, even if they don’t want to play at first. Some of them require advanced planning, but many of them can be played on the spot with nothing more than imagination!  

Ellie Phillips