12 Online Writing Games for Children

Due to the importance of writing in kids’ academic and career lives, it would be best to start nurturing such skills at their tender ages. It is obligatory for students, whether at elementary or college level, to complete writing assignments. However, most kids do not like to write as it is tedious and requires a lot of mental input because of many words to spell, sounds to recall, and letters to memorize. For that reason, gamerules.com has compiled some online games that you will not only find to be fun but also help you develop your creative writing skills.  

Top Writing Games Online

1. Magnetic poetry

What makes this type of literary writing challenging for children? Ideally, the underlying rationales concern its use of complicated structures, strict grammar, and figurative language. So, how can you make children more enthusiastic about writing poetry? The most straightforward approach would be introducing them to rhymes. This tool allows users to create poetry in a blank space by arranging selected words, making it one of the best writing games for kids. Teachers and parents can enjoy this fun experience despite being designed for children. 

2. Fade out

How would you teach a child to improve his or her vocabulary? Before the advent of technology, most parents and teachers obligated kids to read storybooks. Although this approach seems suitable, it has less impact on children. For that reason, a few children would even concentrate for 10 minutes. However, one of the online writing games known as Fade Out allows kids to be imaginative with limited word choices. Any vocabulary a child uses adds to his or her text. The tool replenishes any used word, but unused ones “fade out” and are immediately substituted. With this online game, a student would know how to write different words and consequently learn the intricacies of developing a well-structured sentence. 

3. Text collage 

Do you think a child or anyone can write or watch random words without being bored? Ideally, “human beings are naturally lazy,” regardless of age. What does this mean? It is impossible for anyone to continue doing something without internal or external motivation. This expression is also applicable to learning. For instance, a child cannot stare at hundreds of words for an hour without being bored. For that reason,  the text collage that uses words to generate different works of art can assist kids not only in reading but also writing. 

4. Poem collage 

Why do you think elementary-level instructors often repeat the same words or songs for several days when teaching students? Ideally, the underlying rationale concerns helping them memorize and understand the spelling of some keywords. Some children often find a few literary pieces to be interesting. Whereas this could be a sign of them making progress, it might limit their ability to know many words. A notable solution for this behavior would be exposing such kids to poem collage. In this case, a child would enter their favorable poem into the text box and click generate. This tool would generate new poems by rearranging the lines. The kid can write the new version as he or she will find it to be exciting. 

5. NeverEndingStory 

Are great writers made or born? Depending on your definition, you might be right. However, we all know that hard work beats talent, and it applies to this scenario. Ideally, renowned and great writers pride themselves on depth and diversity. Such attributes stem from reading different types of short stories, poetry, and literature. For college students, reviewing scholarly sources and previously completed essays would definitely add to a person’s writing competency. But what about children at the elementary and high school levels? A notable example of writing games online for them would be NeverEndingsStory on purpleglitter.com. This tool allows the child to add a sentence at the end of a story. Ideally, it will not only improve writing skills for users but also develop their creativity. It would be like killing two birds with one stone!

6. MyStory  

Guardians or parents with children aged 8 to 12 years should consider downloading this iOS app. This tool would help kids to create illustrated books as they allow the incorporation of audio recordings and pictures into texts. It also allows children to collaborate in rearranging pages and using sticker packs, making the entire process fun. 

7. Custom Learner 

Some students might feel demoralized to continue learning letters and words and developing complete sentences if they fail their exams and assignments. In this case, it would be best for their parents to consider asking an online tutor or a professional academic writer at an essay writing service, CustomWritings, for example, to create a personalized online study guide for their kids. This paper writing service would present this academic challenge to quality experts on how to help students write. Here, you can receive pamphlets, PowerPoint presentations, or generally assist your kids with homework. Previous customers have reported improved academic performance of their children upon allowing them to read materials completed by experts at this company. You should try this unique online writing tool and see your kid reach high levels. 

8. BubbleUp 

You can never be a good writer without learning how to generate an outline. For children learning to structure an essay, it would be best to consider using this tool. In particular, BubbleUp would assist you in generating an outline, a first step in writing a composition or any piece. 

9. Story starters 

Can you write an essay or composition without an idea? Definitely not. For that reason, a child might use this tool to create a thought before beginning to write. 

10. JumpStart 

Before college admission, you want to learn how to write a perfect essay. In this case, it would be best for children to consider using JumpStart, which has questions on traditional 5-paragraph essays. 

11. Fun English games

This specific type of writing online games allows children to compete in story writing, debating, and product promotion activities. It is suitable for English as a second language (ESL) students, English Language Learners, and those in middle elementary schools.

12. StoryKit

It allows pupils to write their stories. In most instances, a child can use voice to record an idea. 

Other Free Writing Games

Sentence builder – ocean 

This game uses four elements to build a sentence. These words are where, when, who, and what. Ideally, it is important to note that this free sentence builder incorporates sounds and animation to attract the attention of children.

Ring game

It is one of the games online that a child can use to write poems. Ideally, this tool relies on letters to form chains.

Generally speaking, parents and teachers should consider innovation in education to make writing at elementary and high school levels interesting. It concerns writing games for high school students also. However, precautionary measures are necessary since a child can be addicted to using electronic gadgets.