2019 New Game Releases

2019 Game Releases part 1
What are your favorite games from 2019?

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when new releases of board games are announced. It’s like a second Christmas, where we are all just eagerly waiting with stars in our eyes for the release day of our favorite games. Everyone has the games they are most excited for; here are a few of mine. 


Bad Bones

Bad Bones is a new competitive style game where 1 to 6 players will play their turns simultaneously. You are trying to defend your tower, centered in the center of your board from an onslaught of undead and maybe a few mercenaries from other players. The goal is to build walls and hire mercenaries for protection and maybe a little offense as well and be the last tower standing.

It’s an exciting and fast-paced game and the first from designer David Files. It’s also sporting art from some amazing artists such as Aoulad, Alexander Brick, and Oliver Mootoo. Its release will be in 2019, though a set date has not been confirmed.


Dead Man's Cabal

Dead Man’s Cabal is a brand-new game with a brand-new concept. From designer Daniel Newman we have this never before seen (at least by me) strategy game where you play as an incredibly powerful necromancer with no friends. 2 to 4 players will battle it out to see who can raise the most undead…for a party.

Said to be published in Spring 2019 by Pandasaurus Games, it’s probably one game I’m most excited to see. Keep your eyes peeled I have a feeling this one will be flying off the shelves.


Victorian Masterminds

Victorian Masterminds is a game that is as interesting as it is beautiful. It’s sporting two of my favorite designers and honestly, the dream team of modern game design, Antoine Bauza and Eric Lang. The art is also stunning, drawn by Davide Tosello and really brings the atmosphere needed for such an exciting game.

The concept for Victorian Masterminds is incredibly intriguing. It’s a game made for 2 to 4 players who play villainous masterminds; the kicker you ask? It’s based in London set after the death of Legendary Sherlock Holmes.

You and your competition will be plunging the city of London into utter turmoil as you travel across Europe completing missions destroying anything in your path using contraptions you make along the way. If you ever wanted to be the bad guy growing up here’s your chance.

Released just a few weeks ago, it will definitely be something I pick up and play immediately. 


People, this is not a drill! 2019 is going to be PACKED with game after amazing game. This list is by far not even the tip of the iceberg and look out for more articles soon about more fantastical game coming your way. As a parting reminder, if you ever want to check out these and any other games you have in mind stop by your local game store; not only would you be supporting local businesses but it’s the best way to get these amazing games in your life as soon as possible.