2019 New Game Release Pt. 2

What new games have you tried?

If you thought I was done with releases for this year you’re insane. There was no way I could let the rest of these amazing games go unmentioned. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 


If you want a new game and you want it now, well I have some fantastic news for you. New Frontiers is a brand-new game, hot on the shelf, and it was released January 25, that’s right you don’t even have to wait for this amazing game. 

Designed by Tom Lehmann and art by Martin Hoffmann and Claus Stephan, this game is going to be fantastic. The game has some strong similarities Puerto Rico by Andreas Seyfarth, but I’m told this is with Seyfarth’s consent. It’s also Race for the Galaxy reimagined as a board game, but I have no doubts it will be interesting, to say the least. 

It’s a strategy game where 2 to 5 players build new technologies and colonize planets with their galactic empires. And though this game does share a lot with both the above-mentioned games, the designer assures us that New Frontiers will hold its own and have its own unique feel.


Bad maps is a programming style board game where each player makes a map for their minions to follow. Playable for 3 to 5 people, each player takes their turn making their maps, however awful they may be, and have your minions follow them to try and avoid obstacles and gather valuable treasures. 

Designed by Tim Armstrong and with art by artists Matt Paquette, Kristen Pauline, and Peter Wocken, Bad Maps is sure to please. Set to come out sometime in March this year, I look forward to this excellent party game by Floodgate Games.


Bringing you another game you can just go out and get, Comanauts is one I’m super excited about. The successor of the game Stuffed Fabled, Comanauts takes on a bit more of an adult theme and looks absolutely stunning to boot. Designed by Jerry Hawthorne and art by Jimmy Xia, the game has beautiful illustrations that complement the vast world and in-depth storytelling perfectly. 

In Comanauts you play as people sent into the mind of Dr. Martin Strobal who has fallen into a coma. In the game, you will try to wake Dr. Strobal by fighting his inner demons preventing him from waking up. The stakes are high, and the story is phenomenal. If you like Stuffed Fables, you’re going to love this game.


With my closing thoughts, I will remind you that along with these wonderful games I’ve mentioned previously and above there will be even more games released this year. There are always new creations being supported and developed and if you want in on the action, get involved! 

As always, a parting reminder, if you ever want to check out these and any other games you have in mind stop by your local game store; not only would you be supporting local businesses but it’s the best way to get these amazing games in your life as soon as possible.