5 Reasons Why Simple Beats Complicated in the Games We Like to Play

Christmas Ludo” (CC BY 2.0) by Andrew Mason

They say the world is getting more complicated by the day. That’s fine for those who can write a tweet in seconds and know exactly how to switch between watching broadcast shows and turning on the streaming services on our smart TVs.

Unfortunately, some things just are getting more time-consuming and confusing to do and it can’t be helped. So, why complicate our lives any more than we need to in other areas of our lives? Take games, for example. We play them for fun, we shouldn’t need a degree to understand the rules.

So, here are five very good reasons to keep it simple

Easy Games Are Quick to Play

It’s all very well putting hours aside to play a game, but who has hours to spare? That’s why games like bingo are so popular. A game can be done and dusted in minutes plus, play it online, and you’ll find lots of sites even offer a bingo sign-up bonus. This is basically an offer to welcome you to the site and might include free bingo games and even free spins on slots. It’s a very good way to ease yourself into a game that offers lots of bite-sized entertainment.

You Can Pick up the Rules in Seconds

Another great thing about bingo, and other games like it, is that you can explain the rules in a couple of sentences or less. We know on this site, more than anyone, how many disagreements there can be about the rules of more complicated games. So, save yourself the hassle and stick to simple.

There Are Fewer Pieces to Lose

Darwin in the kitchen with the candlesti” (CC BY 2.0) by newandrew

This is one for the boardgame enthusiasts out there. Often these come with lots of pieces absolutely vital to the game. But the more pieces there are, the more likely it is that a few are going to go missing down the back of the settee or might simply be thrown away by mistake. Anyone who’s ever played chess with a missing pawn replaced by a Clue character token will know what we mean.

Wins are more satisfying

We all like to win sometimes, even when we’re just competing against ourselves. But we also like to feel that we’ve overcome a challenge in the process. That’s one of the reasons why Wordle has been so popular. It’s tricky, but a lot less tricky than if we were trying to work out a six-letter word or had fewer than six chances to get it right. Plus, it’s much more satisfying to win when you’ve worked the answer

More People Want to Join In

Last, but maybe most importantly, one of the reasons we play games is to do it with other people. And it stands to reason that the simpler and more inviting a game is, the more friends will want to take part.

So, forget those never-ending games of Risk, put your Monopoly set away in the attic – and get ready to embrace some far simpler games instead.