6 Games To Try For A Journey Back To Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece has long been an inspiration for history-buffs and gamers alike. And we already told you all about the best Greek mythology games. But Greece has no shortage of historical heroes and epic battles either. So, have you ever wanted to put yourself in the shoes of a fierce Spartan warrior or a Macedonian strategist? Then take a trip back to the glorious days of ancient Greece with these six video games. 

Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece

This real-time strategy game is a treat for all fans of battles in hyper-realistic historical settings. Indeed, players have access to three historical campaigns as they either take control of Athens, Sparta, or Macedonia. And this immersion into the world of Greek city-states involves everything from reconnaissance and raid missions to dynamic diplomatic options. 

Plus, Hegemony Gold takes the historical accuracy up a notch with a detailed satellite map of Ancient Greece. So, this wargame sets a golden standard for ancient warfare gaming. And if you’ve completed its many hours of gameplay, check out its predecessor Hegemony: Philip of Macedon.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

From Far Cry to the Tom Clancy’s series, French game developer Ubisoft has no lack of memorable franchises. But Assassin’s Creed holds a special place in the heart of gamers with a knack for history. And in 2018, the guild of assassins successfully ventured into Ancient Greece. 

Set amid the Peloponnesian War, the player embodies a descendant of legendary Spartan King Leonidas. But of course, Assassin’s Creed is no history lesson and features mythological elements, too. Still, players can enjoy the stunning aesthetics of ancient Greek city-states as they explore an extensive open world. And in their wake, their mercenary might cross paths with familiar historical faces such as Socrates or Alcibiades.

Spartan: Total Warrior

Zack Snyder’s 300 meets Diablo in this epic hack and slash. Brought to PS2 and Xbox One in 2005, the game is a spinoff of the Total Warrior franchise. Its gameplay revolves around an unnamed Spartan warrior, whose mission is to defend his motherland against hordes of Roman invaders. And this killing machine is blessed by none other than the very god of war, Ares. So, take a pinch of history and ancient lore. Mix it with blood-soaked action and magic abilities, and you’ll get Spartan: Total Warrior.

Hero of Sparta

Sparta strikes again in this violent hack and slash released on PSP and Nintendo DS. But this time, Spartan fighters face not only human foes but also storied beasts of gargantuan proportions. Indeed, Hero of Sparta blends mythological tales with history. And this quest draws obvious inspiration from Sony’s God of War. So, take on creatures the stuff of legends with mythical weapons such as Medusa’s indestructible shield.

Fire and Glory: Blood War

If you’re more of a mobile gamer, then Fire and Glory: Blood War may be up your alley. On both iOS and Android, this MMORPG takes you on an epic adventure to Sparta. This action game allows you to engage in battle with fellow online players, form alliances, or gather resources to strengthen your armies. So, become the wisest ruler of Sparta with this free-to-play game. 

But you can also take up the mantle of Spartan kings and warriors with many other mobile titles. The lands of Leonidas have even inspired several free casino slots. From Rise of Spartans to Leonidas King of Spartans, take your chance at winning big with epic Spartan-themed slots. And you don’t even need to wager actual money, since many online casinos reward players with promotions such as no-deposit bonuses. A good way to try your hand at different options, as the online slots library expands every day. 

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization might not focus solely on Ancient Greece. Still, the latest entry of the beloved turn-based strategy games boasts three Greek historical figures. So, keep Athens thriving with Pericles as the statesman is one of your best picks for a cultural win. Thus, cover your cities with wonders like the Oracle of Delphi or the Temple of Artemis. But if you’re looking for a war-monger, conquer the world with Sparta’s Gorgo or Alexander the Great.