Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Games

It is hard to deny the fact that online games have become a part of our daily life. It is a cultural and social element that unites generations of gamers. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of online games? Let’s deal with this. Of course, this is just an example because every gamer can bring his own pros and cons. However, let’s get started!


Improved Vision

Society is accustomed to blaming online gaming for visual impairment, but gaming sessions can help you. For example, players are better at detecting grayscale or focusing on a target faster if they are looking at an image with a lot of foreign objects. If you moisturize your eyes regularly and pause after every 30 minutes, you will not experience any harm to your eyes. On the contrary, your reaction and ability to focus on particular details will be higher than that of ordinary people.

Brain Booster

Online games contribute to developing fine motor skills of hands, the concentration of attention, and improving long-term memory. For example, students can respond faster to a professor’s questions and respond better on an exam. But even if these benefits are not enough for you, then academic writing help can be an alternative option when dealing with challenges in college. Any gamer can delegate the writing of papers to experts and not worry about the student routine.

Improved Life Skills

Another advantage of online gaming is the development of communication skills. This means that gamers find friends faster, can easily navigate a difficult situation, and make the right decision. This applies not only to everyday life but also to study. For example, if you do not have time to write your paper, it is better to ask for experts’ help. The gamer will immediately understand that you can order paper online, and solve all paper problems at once.

May Ease Anxiety and Depression

Most online games are designed for teamwork. This allows many people to cope with anxiety and depression. Gamers are distracted from everyday worries and problems. Moreover, most games make you feel strong, brave, and determined. This motivates many people to get better. If you have a desire to become more stress-resistant, then this is the best option.


People with chronic illnesses can lower the pain threshold and the brain’s response to discomfort. This is very important for those who lead a secluded life due to physical problems. Online games also have a psychological effect on the pain threshold. Playing a role, you abstract from reality and do not perceive what happens outside the game session.



Sometimes games can be more interesting than real life. This is why some people can be addicted. You or your friends must control the desire to be constantly online. Role-playing and chatting with people should not be the meaning of your life. Self-control will help you avoid this disadvantage.

Social Replacement

On the one hand, online games help to find new friends and communicate even at a distance. But overuse of this entertainment can lead to social isolation. It seems to gamers that this is normal, but there are many cases when people have been sitting at home for years without contact with the real world. It is not right. Only self-control or help from loved ones can return an obsessed gamer to normal life.


Even if your player character can run 10 miles nonstop, that doesn’t mean you can ignore your own weight control. The sedentary lifestyle of many gamers leads to obesity, joint problems, and cardiovascular problems. This does not mean that you should completely stop playing games. Find some time for daily walks and other physical activities.


Surprisingly, online games can be calming and stressful at the same time. Gamers can suffer from guilt or a sense of their own imperfection. It can be solved if you reduce the number of hours spent online. All your entertainment should be limited if you can’t stop in time. Then each online session will cause only positive emotions in you and there will be no need to pay someone to do your homework because you’ll get enough time for doing it.

Could Limit Academic Process

This disadvantage is relevant to students. If you spend too much time online, you will not achieve significant results or count on high grades. This is why you need the help of writing services and self-control. Try to play no more than two hours a day. It will be like torture for many people, but just a few weeks will help you accept such restrictions.


Online games are an interesting hobby and a fun pastime. If you don’t go to extremes, it can become your favorite pastime after work or school. If you can control yourself and not spend too much time online, you will not feel the disadvantages of games and feel great. Don’t be afraid to ask outside help if you can’t handle your problems. Then online gaming will not be a negative factor for you.