Mobile games are no doubt a strategy to play video games which you would normally play on consoles and other appliances on your mobile device, which means you can get to play them anywhere you are without much stress. 

For those that resort to PC games when boredom hits, the great news here is that you can play tons of casino games on sites like on android devices. 

Mobile gaming has evolved from past times hitherto, improved mind-blowing gaming experience for smartphone users, whether android or iOS. Various mobile games are now available for everyone on android phones, especially those that were formally available on PC’s alone. 

Some of these mobile games are now available for download on their websites as well as designated play stores.

You can check for the best AAA games for Android devices online. Some of the best PC games you can now get to play on your android device are highlighted below; 

1. Max Payne

 Considering the features, as in the fantastic characteristics of the original Max Payne – the style, art, technicality, and craftsmanship, there are but only a very few games that can match up. One of the best games to reckon within 2020 as regards the factors to consider in gaming, is the Max Payne, developed by Remedy. Available for Android users, Max Payne is presented on Google Play Store. 

2. The GTA series 

There is no need for any introduction as GTA is one of the most popular video games, especially in its category. GTA is an all-time classic for car-racers, the mobile gaming experience is even more fun. 

The series here for GTA has proven to be a renowned, exciting, fun-centered franchise that has caught the love and passion of so many players on PCs. The availability of the GTA series for Android users is undoubtedly a close call for unlimited gaming and excitement experience – the GTA Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA III. 


The Witcher Card Game In the world of cards, Gwent has made a real hit to be fascinating in the Witcher franchise and rapidly over time became a fan-favorite. Inexplicably so and relative that CD Projekt Red presented the game as a standalone game of cards for PC’s, PS4 and Xbox. It’s now also available for Android users on the Google Play Store platform. Ultimately, it’s an exciting card game that builds your prowess as a player rather than depending on luck or the chance factor. 


Enemy Within Have you tried XCOM yet? It strikes as one of the best gaming concessions lately. It is a fantastic game with the RTS experience you will ever yearn for, with a turn-based combat style that helps you as a player to strategize, think critically, and tactically with every move. There are only a few games that are suited for Android devices better than XCOM: Enemy Within as busting out the game to kill time while commuting is sure to be a blast. This game has been made available and supported by Androids and iOS. It makes one of the most suitable games for your device. 

5. Doom and Doom II

Doom can be seen as the birth idea of the FPS genre. A number of the best first-person shooter games include the Doom 2016 reboot and the Doom Eternal sequel. If you are ever looking for that classic experience as a player, as to where it all began, you can look into or consider Doomslayer on your android device. All of Doom, Doom II, and even Doom 3: BFG Edition are available on Google Play Store for Android device users.