The Most Popular Games Among Students

Studying is a tiring activity without a doubt. No wonder high school and college students check reviews, order professional assistance with essays, research papers, and other assignments to get some more time to rest. They don’t always prefer to sleep during those hours they get, though. Relaxation can have different forms. Some students watch … Read moreThe Most Popular Games Among Students


There are a lot of estates, fiefdoms and provinces in the Seven Kingdoms, and even a few independent forces that shift the struggle for power.  In the first edition of Game of Thrones: The Card Game, there are only six main houses: Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen, Martell and Greyjoy. But as you may know, the … Read moreTHE OTHER HOUSES OF WESTEROS


A New Dice Game With Classic Appeal It is not often that a new game is simple enough to become an instant classic while remaining interesting enough to stand the test of time.  In a market dominated by big box productions and high budgets, Freddy Porges has done just that.  What is this new game? … Read moreTRIPLE SNAKES

Why Should You Bet On ESports?

Since the 19th century, people have constantly been betting on sports. During these days, punters are attending every sporting event like football, basketball, or even horse racing to wager and win. However, with the internet’s help these days, betting games are more accessible and convenient as you can do it with a tap on your … Read moreWhy Should You Bet On ESports?


“What are our words? Our words? “We do not sow”. We are ironborn. We’re not subjects, we’re not slaves, we do not plough the fields or toil in the mine, we take what is ours. Your time with the wolves has made you weak.” ― Balon Greyjoy to Theon Greyjoy.  Salt. Iron. Wind. Raids. Four words that might be enough … Read moreTHE GREYJOY OF THE IRON ISLANDS


“Words are like arrows, Arianne. Once loosed, you cannot call them back. I have worked at the downfall of Tywin Lannister since the day they told me of Elia and her children.“ – Doran to Arianne Martell. In some ways the Martell house is very similar to the Stark house. At the head of Dorne’s … Read moreTHE MARTELL OF SUNSPEAR