Busting The Top 4 Online Casino Myths

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How people fare in the world of online casinos has a lot to do with their beliefs and luck. There are also many myths and rumours witnessed in this industry. Although majority of them have proven to be false over the years, there are still others which continue to play on people’s minds, and often influence their gameplay.

Irrespective of whether you are playing real money games at some of the top casino portals, or are just trying your hands at some free money games to learn the ropes, you must always be aware of these myths as well as the realities behind them. Let’s acquaint you with the top 4 of these online casino myths; and bust them once and for all!

Online casinos are rigged 

Heard frequently on both online and off-line platforms, many people think that online casinos are rigged and you can never win on them. It is also a common belief that these platforms have the ability of influencing the randomness, and therefore the results of their games.

Even though online casinos have a certain amount of house edge, it’s something that exists at land-based casinos too; else, how would they make money and stay afloat? We dug a little deeper into this myth and discovered that the reputed casino websites, which are regulated by well-known authorities, have too much at stake, including their gambling license, to fiddle in any way with the results of their games.

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Online casinos don’t pay their winners

Well, there couldn’t actually be a bigger online casino myth than this one! Unless of course you’re talking about dubious casino platforms, not regulated by any authority, almost all of them honour their commitments. Else, how would you explain cases like that of this UK soldier Jon Heywood, who won a whopping £ 13.2 million jackpot from a mere 25p stake! As long as you’re playing on a licensed casino platform, there is very little, almost zero likelihood that you will not get paid your wins.

Online casino games can freeze as soon as you witness a winning streak

Another popular rumour that has been doing the rounds is that online casino games often freeze, whenever you witness a winning streak, thereby halting you in your stride. If looked at closely, it doesn’t make a lot of sense because the more number of games you play on a casino, the better will be that casino’s odds to win back its’ money.

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It’s impossible to win with an online casino bonus

Almost all the casino websites offer attractive promotions and bonuses to their new and old players nowadays. However, many people have started believing that it’s impossible to win any notable sums using such bonus money. There’s not much truth to this. The fact remains that you can indeed win big by playing with such bonus offers.

Where majority of players falter is that they don’t pay heed to the terms and conditions associated with such offers; the most popular of which is the wagering requirement. It refers to the number of times you are required to play with the bonus money, before being able to withdraw any winnings. Once you’ve understood these terms & conditions, you’d come to realise that these bonuses can definitely be used strategically to score huge wins.