Casino Games’ Accessibility Advantage in the Gaming/iGaming Market

Though not directly related, there are an enormous number of parallels between the gaming and iGaming markets. Despite so many shared factors, however, it’s iGaming that consistently leads when it comes to key elements of accessibility. Even in the 2020s, when video gaming is bigger than ever, online casino titles continue to set the bar. So why is this, and perhaps more importantly, why can video games never truly hope to catch up?


Acting as the first roadblock in the way of wider video game accessibility is the concept of processing power. While there’s no question that computers today are much more powerful than ever before, this potential is often undercut by video games continually pushing hardware limits to new heights. As seen in this performance review for Red Dead Redemption 2, attaining strong performance with high settings, even on a fast computer, can be difficult.

In iGaming, titles are built with the idea of targeting as many different levels of systems as possible. From the fastest devices to the older and outdated platforms, casino games are built to scale and play without issue. This takes us to another point: device access.

Platform Types

As games built with lower device requirements in mind, online casino games have the benefit of being playable on a far wider range of devices than their video game counterparts. Thanks here have to go to their HTML5 basis, which allows them to run on essentially any modern web-capable device. This is aided by websites like, which rank the best websites available based on a comparison of features such as bonuses, deposit options, and rankings. The advantage to such online directories is that players are presented with easily accessible reviews from both desktop and mobile devices, and are more likely to trust the brand, owing to their impartial ratings.

From PCs to Macs, desktops and laptops, tablets, phones, and even some esoteric devices like smart fridges, this range places casino games far ahead of video games. When even the top-of-the-range mobile video gaming devices like the Steam Deck struggle with the best titles, as notes, there isn’t much of a fair fight in this regard.


The final component of accessibility that can set online casino games ahead is that of control. As any gamer will tell you, getting involved in modern titles can be challenging with 14-button controllers or keyboards that can use dozens of different keybinds. Online casino titles take the opposite direction, with their games developed in a manner that lets them play perfectly well on even touch screens.

No matter a person’s experience level, practically everyone will be able to play online casino games without losing pace due to input concerns. Thanks to the flexibility of options depending on the access device, players on some systems can further modify their options with custom peripherals and settings. While this is also possible with video games, the more streamlined input of casino titles again places them ahead of the pack.

As different mediums, video games and casino games will always appeal to audiences with different needs and interests. Some people will prefer one or the other, while some will like both equally. No matter where a person’s stance on these industries lies, however, there’s no doubting that casino games are superior in terms of accessibility. Though there’s no doubt that video games will continue to improve in all the above regards, they can only try to attain the ideals set by the iGaming market.

Nakoa Davis