Casino Games Enhance Fundamentals Of Other Game Genres

Casino Games Enhance Fundamentals Of Other Game Genres

Most games share a common bond that unites them: the pursuit of fun. Whether it be redefining fun, introducing players to a version of fun they didn’t know existed or just leading a group of people to something traditionally fun, games have done their best to give us the joy of having a good time. 

However, once you move past that core principle, many games often strive to give us that experience in different ways. Fighting games give us the thrill of besting like-minded foes. Racing games demand we pair precision with speed. And adventure games allow us to tell a story through our actions rather than just the story told within the experience. Each different genre touches on a part of the human psyche and turns that sensation into an experience that we can get better at or build up. 

This brings us to casino games. While it is a genre all its own, casino games also take the fundamentals of many genres and use them in their own way- enhancing and deepening certain aspects for their own purposes. We want to take a look at a few of casino’s advancements and acknowledge what genre they might have originated from. Let’s see if you can guess a few for yourself along the way. 

Practice Makes Perfect” by Tobyotter is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Practice Makes Perfect/ Shooters

There are many genres that demand a certain level of dedication from their players, but shooting games take that concept to a whole new level. Whether it be learning optimal routes on each map or mastering each weapon, there are plenty of skills to hone all in one package.

Even regionally casino games demand the same level of commitment just in a wider range of titles. For example, games available in online Casino Canada vary quite a bit. Blackjack requires players to memorize a huge range of card combinations to calculate general odds of hitting or staying. Poker takes that concept to the next level and also requires an ability to read body language and human habits. In this, we see a striking resemblance to the shooter genre which also has quite a high skill ceiling.

In shooters, if you recognize the way an opponent is playing, you can counter that with a strategy of your own much more effectively. The same can be said of poker where realizing what an opponent is doing is crucial in crafting counterplay on the fly to beat them each hand.  Both shooters and casino games give us a sense of accomplishment to know we’re understanding a game better and enjoying the experience more because of that. 

Stick To The Plan/ Strategy Games

Although practice is quite helpful in just about any game, having a good plan and a mind for strategizing can be just as important. Games such as Starcraft and Fire Emblem are all about making a plan and seeing that it goes as well as possible. But on the same note, blackjack can play out in the same way.

While there might be limited courses of action a blackjack player can take to reach a goal, they can make sure their game plan is one they solidly stick to. Being able to read the board and use that information to act accordingly can be crucial and blackjack really pares that down to its purest form. There are also plenty of cognitive upsides to strategy games, so maybe consider giving some a try whether it be in the casino or on a console.  

Know Your Opponent/ Fighting Games

Many times, it isn’t enough to just be good at something or plan for a good outcome, sometimes you also have to just know you’re opponent. This doesn’t mean you need to take them out for a cup of coffee and talk philosophy, but you at least need to know how they want to win the game and how they go about doing that. We don’t plan on teaching you those techniques, there is a slew of guides out there already, but we would like to point out how those same skills apply to poker.

Sure, a good player might know the odds to hit every hand in every situation, but a great one will know what cards an opponent might have just by the way they’re playing. Poker even takes the other video game aspects we talked about into account and combines them in its own special way. For that reason, poker is the ultimate amalgamation of game genre qualities all in one. Throwing fists and flopping flushes are more similar than we thought. 

So next time you boot up a game or sit down to play some casino titles, look and see just how similar the titles are. We think you might be surprised even all the way down to how the rules in each are written.