Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Playing Poker

Poker is one of the most exciting games played at the casino because it is one of the few casino games where players face each other rather than a dealer. And it is one of the games that rely on luck the least. Poker tactics and intellect can all play a part in how successful your poker games are – and how much you win.

In some ways, poker is a little like chess and other fun board games. You need to be thinking about your next move and your opponents at all times.  So, what mistakes do new poker players make the most? Learn the common poker mistakes made by beginners here.

The Best Places to Play Poker

When you decide to play poker, don’t just look for a local casino but look for a local casino that has special rooms to enjoy poker in or specialises in poker with lucrative poker tournaments for its members. Not all casinos when it comes to poker. Unlike slots, not every casino can cater to the needs of poker players, and not all of them offer private luxury poker rooms with table service for you to play in private with other players.

Alternatively, you may choose to play poker online at an online casino. If you do decide to play remotely, make sure you use one of the best legal casinos with live dealers. Live Dealer poker makes the game so much more fun and interactive – and can feel just like playing at a good casino for poker games.

Common Beginner Poker Mistakes

1. Overplaying Your Hand

Too many players new to the poker table will be reluctant to fold and keep playing hands that are unlikely to get them a win.

But it is knowing what is and is not likely to win that sets newbies apart from seasoned players. For example, a pair of aces sounds good, but in a lot of circumstances, the flop will change who has the best hand, and pairs like these are simply sucker bets.

When you play more poker, you start to notice what a marginal strength hand really is.

2. Betting Scared Money

Scared money is a term used in no-limits poker, and by giving away that you are betting most of your money you’ve allocated to the game is an ultimate downfall. Other players can use your fear of losing the money against you and then use this knowledge to run over you big time. If you are betting a big chunk of your funds in no-limit poker, never make this known to other poker players at the table.

3. Betting Big with Good Hands

It makes logical sense that you want to bet bigger after getting a good hand after the flop (for example two pairs). This is because if we bet big, they must match, and then we stand to make more money. But in reality, wise players will fold, and you won’t win as much. It is simply better to play medium-sized bets and draw more players to keep going.

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