Common Rules You Should Know Before Visiting a Land-Based Casino

Common Rules You Should Know Before Visiting a Land-Based Casino

Land-based casinos have historically had an association with glamour and exemplary behaviour. This has led to a naturally evolving set of rules over etiquette that encourages gentlemanly behaviour and keeps casinos an inviting place to spend time enjoying all the thrills and glamour they have to offer. With the Covid-19 pandemic seeing a shift in consumer behaviour – due to various lockdowns, land-based facilities were forced to close worldwide with users visiting new casino sites as an alternative, such as virtual casinos. With the return to casinos as restrictions lifted, some Covid-19 specific rules of social distancing and facemasks joined the established code of behaviour whilst in a casino. These are some of the things you should consider before making your appearance at a land-based casino.

There Will Likely Be a Dress Code

Though not all casinos have a strict dress code most will expect you to dress sensibly with guidelines around what you should wear and even what footwear they consider acceptable. For example, many will not allow men to wear shorts or for anyone to wear flip flops. If you are visiting a casino in the evening then this is when a stricter dress code is likely to be put in place. 

How you should dress will come down to the casino you intend to visit, and why you are visiting. Even the time of day will make a difference to the requirements. So if you are planning to visit VIP functions held in the evening or attend events in private rooms, you can expect to be required to dress to a higher standard than if you are simply visiting the main areas of a casino during lunchtime. For general admission, it’s advisable to steer clear of flip flops and trainers, but generally clean casual clothes will be acceptable. 

You Will Need To Behave Yourself

Land-based casinos can be busy places; they require people to behave in a socially acceptable way. For example, it’s not considered good behaviour to shout inside a casino – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be excited but remain dignified. Stay calm, it’s all too easy to get over-excited when playing for money, but losing your cool and jumping around in a casino is definitely off the cards.

Table Manners

When you are in a casino don’t sit at a gaming table until you are going to play. If you’re in company and they are playing of course, give them some support, just stay standing and give them some space. While you are seated at a table don’t use your mobile phone – if you have to take a call or reply to a message take leave of your seat and find somewhere you won’t disturb players during a game. 

After a card game, leaving a tip for your dealer isn’t a requirement however; it can be seen as a polite gesture to thank them for their efforts. How you decide an appropriate amount is up to you, some players opt for a percentage of the buy-in for that table or a small percentage of their winnings.

Remain polite and courteous. Casinos are about winning and losing but above all they are about fun. So even when things have not gone your way, remain polite and courteous. Mistakes can happen, like in any other industry, if you think there has been a mistake; bring it to the dealer’s attention quietly and politely. The staff members of casinos are highly motivated professionals and will deal with mistakes quickly and efficiently. 

Different Rules for Different Games

Different games have their own etiquettes. If you wish to play roulette, when joining a table ask the croupier for chips – these are coloured and help differentiate each player. Before you place a bet, make sure the previous round is finished and all previous bets are paid out. Then once the croupier has opened the table, place your own bets. Once the betting window is closed (generally you get about 1 minute) don’t change your bet. 

If you intend to play blackjack, make sure you are fluent with the rules and hand signals before playing, this will prevent miscommunication between you and the dealer. If you are not playing but watching a game do so from a distance, so as not to disturb the players. No one likes to be crowded when playing. Once you have placed your original wager, place the chips for further wagers beside, not on top of your original chips, so they are clear to see. Always remember when you are being dealt cards, if they arrive face up, you must not touch them. If you are dealt cards face down, you can touch them with one hand.

If Poker is your game, it too comes with some etiquette considerations to bear in mind whilst enjoying your game. Firstly, don’t place bets when it’s not your turn to do so, wait until the player to your right has finished. Don’t be tempted to throw your chips, just place them right in front of you. Dealers are switched on and will automatically check your wagers are correct before collecting them for the pot. Be mindful to look after your cards, don’t let them get too close to other players’ cards, if confusion arises the hand will be forfeited. Poker is a fast game, so make sure you are proficient in the game before taking a seat at a table. This is not a game you can pick up on the fly. 

Social Distancing

Now that land-based casinos have opened up again it is likely they will have their own social distancing guidelines in place. Although there are not any current laws surrounding face coverings in casinos and other entertainment venues each casino may well have their own rules surrounding this, unless you are medically exempt. The best thing you can do is check with a casino before you intend to visit what their rules and restrictions are and if they have a dress code you’ll need to follow, the casino website often gives you the information so you don’t need to worry about calling around to find out.