OBJECTIVE OF GALLINAZO: NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 players DOMINO SET: Double-6 TYPE OF GAME: Dominoes AUDIENCE: All Ages INTRODUCTION TO GALLINAZO Gallinazo is a domino game played in Puerto Rico and Mexico. It utilizes dominoes and a score sheet. The game is essentially the same as a game called The Block Game. However, the scoring rules are unusual and allow for new strategic moves. … Read moreGallinazo

Texas 42


OBJECTIVE OF TEXAS 42: Reach 7 marks or 250 points first! NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 players (partnerships) DOMINO SET: Double-6 TYPE OF GAME: Dominoes/Trick-Taking AUDIENCE: All Ages INTRODUCTION TO TEXAS 42 Texas 42 or simply just 42 is a trick-taking game which uses a double 6 domino set. The game is also referred to as that “national game of Texas,” where it is held … Read moreTexas 42

All Fives (Dominoes)


OBJECTIVE OF ALL FIVES: Make the open ends add up to five or a multiple of five. TYPE OF DOMINOES: Double 6 (most common) or Double 9 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-4 Players TYPE OF GAME: Dominoes/Scoring AUDIENCE: All Ages INTRODUCTION TO ALL FIVES All Fives is a domino game that is a close relative of Muggins and Sniff. It is not to … Read moreAll Fives (Dominoes)

Mexican Train


OBJECTIVE: Be the first player to play/get rid of all your dominoes, or play as many high-value dominoes as possible on each turn. NUMBER OF PLAYERS/DOMINO SET: 2-4 Players/double-9 set, 2-8 Players/double-12 set, 9-12 Players/double-15 or -18 set. MATERIALS: Domino set, center hub, train markers TYPE OF GAME: Dominoes, blocking AUDIENCE: Family EQUIPMENT Mexican train is most frequently … Read moreMexican Train