Games are terrific ways to pass the time and have fun with friends. Have you ever played a game so much, however, that it starts to become dull, and boring? I definitely have, and with some games, that time comes much faster than others.

One great way to keep a game fun and fresh is to add an expansion to it. There are good expansions and bad expansions, and some that feel like they are just part of the game experience. I have seen and played my fair share and would like to share with you the ones I think are delightful ways to add new life into your older games.


Mysterium is an amazing game and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys weird, abstract, and cooperative games.  It’s such a great game that I have probably played it close to 100 times with my friends. As with all games no matter how great we grew a little burned out with it and had put it on the back shelf for a while, that is until Hidden Signs came along.

Hidden Signs is a fantastic expansion used in place of the murder weapon. It makes the game a little more challenging for those who have mastered the original game, while not taking away from the fundamentals. Hidden Signs adds glimpses of what the ghost saw right before their death, which are strange and surreal snapshots that the ghost then must try to convey to you with otherworldly, abstract clues. I highly recommend it.


Red Dragon Inn is the perfect game for large groups or those types of parties where players may want to jump in and out of a game. One of the things that makes it so perfect as well as the ample amount of expansions available.

The expansions for Red Dragon Inn don’t just give you additional game mechanics, but also add new characters with their personalities and quirks. This is the type of game where the more expansion you add, the game play gets exponentially better. Each character adds a new variation and any number of characters can be combined to give you a new and different play experience each time. If you like having a fun and easy game for all your friends to play I recommend dragon age and its extensive expansion list.


These two games are amazing on their own, but the expansions they have, bring the games quality and replayability up tenfold. If you are the type that finds comfort in playing the same game over and over or just have a game you can’t stop playing it doesn’t hurt to look for new excitement in the game’s additions.

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