Family Games

The last few weeks have caused society to shift our pastimes to more isolated activities. With all the stress of the world, it’s a terrific idea to search for release and entertainment. Couple that with the increase of family time and you might find yourself scouring the internet for any kind of activity for you and your little ones. Look no further for I have three excellent game options for you. 

With most things I have found, there is usually a large rift between what is entertaining for adults and what is entertaining and appropriate for our children. Which does often come down to either, children being excluded from some games, or adults being forced to participate in something with no true enjoyment for themselves. The games I have suggested below though have a fantastic mix of fun, easy to learn rules, and themes and mechanics the whole table can enjoy.


Dinosaur Tea Party is a revamped version of the old Guess Who game. The key differences are that you are searching for dinosaurs instead of boring people and it is surprisingly competitive for what it is. It’s also available for 4 people to play instead of the original two players. Lots of fun for all age groups. 

The goal of the game is for a player to be the first to gather three sugar cubes. You do this by asking other players questions about their dinosaurs and receiving yes and no answers based on the questions asked. There’s a modifiable difficulty if players want more or less of a challenge as well. 


Villainous is a great game for kids and adults who love Disney movies. The base game has 6 beloved villains but there are also three expansions make a total of 15 available characters. It’s a game that can be played with a lot of people at once so bring the extended family as well.  

The goal of the game differs for each character, but all players will be working towards a goal while using other players’ heroes against them to hinder their progress. If you are a big fan of the dark side of the dismay classics or just looking for a fantastic good time, I highly recommend this game. 


Codename Pictures is a great game for all ages. It allows even small children to participate in a game which in its original form, Codenames, would be difficult. All you need to be able to play this game is to see nonsensical pictures and form connections between them. It’s also semi-cooperative meaning little ones can play on teams with adults to make it an even easier game to grasp. 

The goal of the game is pretty simple. A grid of pictures will be placed on the table, and there will be two teams. Each team will have a captain that will know the correct answers for their team and which pictures to steer clear of. The captain will give one-word clues to nudge players into picking certain pictures and the first team to pick out all their pictures correctly wins. 


I know these times can bring a lot of stress into the home, and it can feel like there is nothing to bridge the gap between generations at times. That being said, there are plenty of games out there easy and fun to play for all ages that can make these tough times a little more enjoyable for everyone. Stay are out there everyone and have fun!