How do the Rules of Video Poker Differ to Other Poker Variants?

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Poker is a table game with many variants and attracts a massive following of players. It’s popular, fun, and entertaining. Video poker is also a favorite among gambling enthusiasts because of the unique features and numerous variants you can play. 

The two sound the same, but they differ in many gaming aspects. Sometimes new players ask which is better between the two and the rules that separate them? While settling which is better depends on an individual, we can highlight the differences between video poker and other poker variants to help you choose.


The primary difference is that you play against other players in poker, while in video poker, you play against the machine. When playing traditional poker variants, the goal is to outthink and outsmart the opponents at the table. You win by being the best at the table to face at least two or more opponents. 

Video poker is a single-player game where the machine is your opponent. While poker is more tactical, you will still need to have some strategy to play video poker. In poker, you can count on the mistake of your opponents to win, but in video poker, the machine rarely makes a mistake unless it’s broken. 

Even though the rules and format are different, both have similarities and follow some basic poker rules. 

Chance and Skill

Another difference is that video poker is a game of chance, while poker requires some level of skill to outsmart your opponents. Video poker is a contained game, and the strategies you can deploy aren’t many or complicated. 

Video poker is much simpler to play, and therefore, players can’t influence the outcome. Video poker is almost comparable to the slots where you press a button and wait for the results. 

Even so, before playing video poker, it’s good to know some basic strategies and hone your skills playing free online poker here via You can access the demo mode and play as many games as you like without spending a cent. 

But poker is a game that requires card skills and mental capacity to win even when you get a bad hand. While you can get lucky in poker, facing a great opponent requires more than luck and a good hand. 

Betting Limits

Video poker bets and betting limits are often regulated and calculated like slots machines. Here, you are restricted to making bets under predetermined betting credits. Your winnings are determined by the number of betting credits you stake. The preset table multiplies your stake with the combinations shown on the screen. 

For instance, when playing the “Royal Flush,” the stake can be 250:1. Here, betting two coins means that you will receive 500 coins if you win. 

But poker is different as there are no limits to how much or what a player can stake. The limitations vary in every game. For example, in the No-limit Texas Hold ’em game, a player can bet any amount that’s in front of them at any point. 

House Edge

Poker games don’t have the house edge, and players can bet and win without the casino making money from the winnings. However, some casinos charge a fee called the “poker rake,” which is money that pays for the facilitation of the adults game

In poker, you make money depending on beating other players and not the casino. The house gains by charging a fee to the winners.

Video poker is a slot-themed game. Every game you play, the hose must always make money. Video poker games have the house edge where the casino gains some percentage from every game you play. 

Progressive Jackpots

Poker games don’t have jackpots because you play against other opponents. The video poker machine comes in-built with a progressive jackpot feature, and your luck can strike at any time.

Video poker players can chase the jackpot because no one knows how long it takes for the machine to trigger. When it finally happens, any player stands to win thousands or millions of dollars. 

Casinos often advertise their progressive jackpot cumulation when trying to attract more players. In contrast, traditional poker variants don’t include jackpots. 

Every hand has a different pot and is distributed before playing another round. However, you can find games that feature high hand jackpots or bad beats, which are the closest to a progressive jackpot for traditional poker players. 

Social Interaction

Video poker is a computerized game for single players. It means that there is no social interaction at any point in the game. As for traditional poker variants like Texas Hold ’em, the game can have up to eight players that occasionally interact as the game progresses. 

Poker variants are entertaining because you are surrounded by players who share the same passion for the game at the same table. Regardless, you can still have fun playing video poker and win big, depending on the amount you stake. 

Video poker is an offline and online game where you can play against machines by downloading an app. But recently, many casinos have also introduced live poker games and tournaments that follow the same rules as brick-and-mortar casinos. You can chat and interact with a live dealer and players. 


While traditional poker and video poker variants may adopt the same card combinations, they require different complexities to play and win. Video poker is the simplest to learn, making it suitable for beginners and professional players. 

There’s no way to determine which has the better rules or, the better game. Many factors make either video poker or poker variants suitable for a player than they would to another. 

There are many video poker variants, and not all follow the same rules. It’s advisable to learn the rules before playing for money, no matter the game you choose. 

 When making a decision, consider the benefits you have over each variant. While some players like traditional poker’s pressure and mental challenge, some depend on the strategies to win video poker and the allure of hitting the jackpot. 

Nakoa Davis