How Online Slots Have Brought A New Feel To An Old-School Classic

Slot machines continue to be very popular.

Many exciting and engaging gaming experiences have been released in an array of formats through the years. However, as any regular visitor to this site will know, sometimes you simply cannot beat the classics. A host of old-school pastimes are still going strong and attracting an audience these days, while some have also been given a new lease of life after being adopted into the digital realm. One form of gaming that certainly fits into the latter category is the slot machine, which is living on in new and exciting ways online.

Rich history

Slot games have been around in some form or another for quite a while now. According to Britannica, some of the first were invented by Charles August Fey in the late 1800s. He built the Card Bell in 1898 and that was thought to be the first three-reel slot with automatic cash payouts. In addition, the Liberty Bell was created in 1899.

As Britannica explains, slot machines generally revolve around players putting coins into a slot and activating reels featuring a range of symbols. The device then pays out depending on the symbols that are displayed. In more recent times, the concept has been transformed into an online game, with sites like 888 casino featuring a vast selection of slots. Like classic slot machines, online slots tend to involve making a bet and spinning the reels to determine the outcome. However, as 888 highlights, they can also offer a lot more. For instance, the site explains how the titles come in an array of themes, while they tend to feature animation, high-quality graphics, and audio too. They also include many different gameplay elements, such as wild symbols, bonus rounds, and free spins.

Another crucial difference between slot machines and online slots is how they come up with a result. 888 outlines how online slots make use of random number generators – which are also known as RNGs. It adds that this means that players cannot influence the outcome, as every spin is independent of the others.

Striking the balance

But, while online slots are clearly different from what has come before, they do still aim to reflect their old-school heritage to some extent. There is undoubtedly a balance to be struck between going retro and pushing things forward, and this is something that is seemingly considered. After all, developers and casino sites probably want to ensure that people can easily make the leap from offline to online gaming.

For example, a quick look at 888 highlights how many online slots use old-school themes, with a number including iconic characters from stories and folklore that many players will be familiar with. For instance, Dracula Awakening is clearly influenced by the classic vampire tale, while leprechauns are referenced by titles such as The Leprechaun King. Elsewhere, games like Rise of the Pharaohs use Ancient Egyptian themes, while mythology is a touchstone in titles such as Thor’s Vengeance.

On the flip side, the world of online slots also embraces many modern influences from popular culture as well. For example, major names from movies and TV are present and correct on 888, with Anchorman, Mad Max Fury Road, and The Dark Knight being just three examples of big-screen blockbusters that have inspired slots. In terms of the small screen, top shows like Game of Thrones have been adapted into the slot format. Music is also a big theme and this is reflected in the number of titles based on bands or artists. Many of the ones on 888 happen to feature legends from the world of hard rock, including the likes of Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness, Ozzy Osbourne, and Motorhead.

Reflecting trends

This balance of old and new that is highlighted by online slots perhaps reflects how many people like to enjoy both modern and traditional activities in this day and age. While fresh innovations and concepts are always exciting, sometimes it can be good to dip into something familiar.

Card games are another traditional pastime still going strong.

As our site highlights, a wide array of card games remain hugely popular, as we feature the rules for activities including Pig, Psycho, and Mexican Stud. In addition, like online slots, some card-based titles have even made their way into the digital realm. A good example of this would be UNO, which has inspired a mobile title. Earlier this year, License Global reported on the news that the title was embracing fresh concepts, as a new update brought Bitmoji stickers to the game. Classic table games are thriving online as well, with live casino titles bringing a fresh angle to the action. Such experiences generally tend to feature real-life dealers, who host gaming action via a video streaming link.

Finally, board games remain a huge draw to many people in the 21st century and one title that continues to attract plenty of attention is the classic Monopoly. The game has been around for decades but it continues to reinvent itself time and time again, thanks to new versions based around different themes. Hasbro’s Monopoly site puts a spotlight on some of the current takes that are out there, referencing versions based on everything from Super Mario to the Star Wars TV show The Mandalorian.

Making their mark

Things are always moving and shifting in the gaming world, so it is interesting to consider how some old-school pastimes are continuing to make their mark.

Slot games have been around for many years, yet they have successfully managed to move with the times and reinvent themselves as technology has evolved. The online versions of the titles use incredible graphics, gameplay, and audio-visual elements to bring their themes to life. All of these are skillfully combined so that players can enjoy a new take on a familiar and well-known pastime.

With technologies like augmented reality and even virtual reality seemingly coming to the fore, it will be interesting to see what could be next for slots. Could they soon be set for another remarkable reinvention? We will just have to wait and see.