How to play Aviator by Spribe and win

Spribe’s Aviator crypto game is one of the top titles available to players at the moment and those that have already had the luxury of being able to enjoy it will be able to tell the rest of you that it is one of the best around at the moment!

This article will provide those of you who are new to Aviator, or have yet to play it, with everything you need to know, including some tips that can potentially have a positive difference on the number of winning opportunities.

What is Aviator and how does it work?

Aviator is a crypto casino game that was created by Spribe Gaming in 2019 and has since quickly risen in the rankings as one of the very best games available for members to regularly enjoy!

The game does belong to the category of crash games, as it is a volatile game that can be rather unpredictable, and follows the same kind of process that many cryptocurrency holders will already be aware of regarding the volatility in price.

The game uses a plane that takes off and via the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm, it will continue to fly higher and higher until it decides to veer off the screen and go out of sight. Once it does this, though, the game ends.

The aim of the game is to cash out beforehand, and this is done whilst the plane is still escalating in its ascent to the top. The higher it gets, the larger the prize on offer as this will be represented by a winnable multiplier. However, as mentioned, if it leaves the screen before cashing out, then the bet will be lost!

How to play Aviator?

As we highlighted in the previous section, playing Aviator at is incredibly simple and rather easy to understand. Indeed, the only real rule is to try and cash out before the plane leaves the screen; there is nothing else really needed to know!

Players are able to place wagers of between 0.10 credits and 100 credits, whilst they can make a maximum of two bets at the same time on each round. Each bet, though, will be independent of each other.

Once the bet(s) have been placed, wait for the plane to take off and then decide when the right time is to pull the trigger!

Are there any strategies that can be implemented?

There are a couple of personal strategies that players can look to implement when they play this game, however there is no real betting strategy to play this game effectively and increase your chances of winning.

As the game features an RNG mechanic, players simply need to trust themselves and make the decisions that they feel are right at that moment.

Why do so many players enjoy Aviator?

There are a number of players at continuing to play Spribe’s Aviator title, and there are a variety of different reasons why.

The first is that many feel that they have complete control over the game and all the decisions made actually come from them and they are not forced on certain circumstances that other casino games perhaps create which then force a decision to be made.

Others enjoy Aviator, though, because it is a social game that allows players to bet on the same plane at the same time! Many will enjoy this because it means they can be a little competitive with each other as they are able to see the other players taking part at the same time.

Furthermore, many opt to play because of the provably fair technology that has been implemented. This means players are able to check each outcome and prove how random it actually is.

Final Thoughts

Aviator is one of the top games at currently and is an exceptional crash game! If you are yet to experience it, then it is certainly worth giving a play immediately!

Nakoa Davis