How to Save Costs Whilst Gaming

Gaming is not always a cheap pastime, considering how much consoles, PCs, the necessary peripherals, and the games that go with it!

However, we have mapped out ways through which you can save money while enjoying your favorite games. 

If PC gaming, more specifically Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of your best played titles, did you know that you might be sat on some quite valuable skins, some of which have sold for in the $100,000’s. There are sites out there like CSGO Book which allow you to gamble your items and skins to win more or upgrade your existing items. This will then allow you to sell them on, and potentially make a reasonable profit in the process.

With gaming being one of the costliest hobbies out there, and one that offers a lot of fun. Even when you’ve gotten a good PC or console, to enjoy new titles, you may still have to cough out up to $60 on each occasion, the downloadable content that is available for many games not included. However, there are still ways through which players can enjoy games on a low budget. You can even enjoy most of the multiplayer games and some of the best esports titles free of charge. Apart from this, you will have to spend money to get all the other things needed for the gaming. But there are also ways of reducing what you will spend on each game.

Can You Get Hold of Any Deals? You Will Get the Information from These Sites

Discounts are offered on a regular basis by digital game stores owned by the biggest names in the industry, including Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. The same thing is applicable to huge and popular streaming platforms like, GOG, and Steam. To get information about these, you need to check the sites regularly to see when the good things are offered or to opt in for their mailing list or include them in your wish-list so that you will be notified whenever there is something nice on offer. There are weeklong seasonal discounts from Steam, and they just concluded their summer sale, with some other discounted sales event coming up in November and December.

If you don’t have any problem surfing the web in search of these deals, you can check the IsThereAnyDeal website. They are in the service of compiling the list of the sales across the web, revealing the cheapest deals out there. Voting is also conducted for the best deal by users on Reddit’s r/GameDeals and the best are even voted on, and winners sent to the top of the page. Because of that, the biggest dealer will always post their deals on subreddit. If you are a fan of twitter, you can also check @Wario64 and @videogamedeals for regular updates on the best game deals. When you have them, you should waste no time embracing them.

Use a Browser Extension to Compare Prices

When you need assistance to track the best deals, you can get the help from these browser extensions.

From the Augmented Steam, you can learn the regional price difference, lowest prices in history, and the best prices in different store fronts from Steam.

From Amazon Assistant, you will get a comparison of prices from different sites, revealing the best for you. They also notify you when they are selling something on your watch list.

You will get real time price comparison from Invisible Hands, and they can also deliver the best deals for you through Google search.

The Opera GX works as a browser, but specifically for gamers, as it comes with gaming features and settings. The homepage is the GX Corner, and here, you will have a list of the deals from all over the web and the games you can enjoy at no cost from the web.

Purchase Games in Bundles

One of the most popular methods of saving money in anything is to buy them in bulk, so why can’t you buy games that way too. Well, to start here, you have to find the bundles that are worth buying first. You can start your search from Humble Bundle. It is a place where you can enjoy some form of pay-what-you-want service on software, comics, and game bundles, and some part of the money you pay is sent to charity. Here, bundles are rolled out every few weeks, but if you check at the right time, you can lay hands on new games at the cheapest rate.

Subscribe To a Monthly Game Service

There is Spotify for lovers of music, Comixology for comic book fans, and Crunchyroll for anime fans. So why wouldn’t gamers have their own subscription service?

Now, fans of Xbox can subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, and here, they can get access to games on the web, up to 70 percent of some select titles, and a new list of digital games monthly. $9.99 per month is the lowest subscription package here. There is also the Xbox Game Pass where you can lay hands on hundreds of games at the rate of $9.99 per month for PC and Xbox.

There is PlayStation Plus for owners of PlayStation, where they can only enjoy multiplayer actions and free games from PS4 at the rate of $59.99 per annum or $9.99 per month. From PlayStation, hundreds of PS2, PS3 and PS4 games could be enjoyed for just $9.99 per month.

For Nintendo Switch online, you can start with a $3.99 a month subscription for individual accounts and $35 per year for family accounts covering up to 8 people. When you subscribe, you will be allowed to enjoy online play, plus a classic collection of titles from super Nintendo and NES.

There are two services from Electronic Arts. While one is for PC, the other is for consoles. The Xbox and PlayStations access from Electronic Arts costs $29.99 a year and $4.99 a month. If you want a wider selection of titles and full early access, then you can go for the Origin Access Premier at $99.99 a year or $14.99 a month.

With the Uplay+, you can access the library of games and enjoy early access from Ubisoft at $14.99 a month.

You can get something very weird from Utomik, because they offer family friendly games involving discrete or hidden titles from Epic Games, Sega, Warner Bros, Disney and many others. Four people from a family can enjoy their service at $9.99 per month, while one user can get it at $6.99 per month.

Humble Bundle has Humbler Choice, which gives players the chance to select up to nine games to keep from their humble trove selection titles. With the subscription, a 20% discount is offered to you at the Humble Store. You get the chance to keep more games if you pay more, with the maximum rates standing at $179.99 per annum and $19.99 per month.

Other Ways to Save Cost

You can save costs by trying game streaming. This is better for those that don’t have machines that are not powerful enough for games. All they need is a good internet.

Buying physical games is another way, even though gaming has completely gone virtual. There are lots of discounts on physical games over digital ones.

Use the free play titles, as there are many of them out there that will serve you, instead of paying huge money for new games all the time.

Nakoa Davis