How to Win at Blackjack Casino Games: Tips and Strategies

BlackJack is the most straightforward Online casino game to understand and play. With a bit of strategic math and timing, you could lower your chances of losing. However, in light of recent events, playing at casinos would hardly be advisable. Good thing there’s a Black Jack App that lets us play to our heart’s content. Still, even the very best gamblers need a refresher every nowhere and again. So with that, here are some tips to get an edge on Blackjack.

Get to know the basics

Casino games and bets are just a play of common sense and math, and mastering the basics is the number one strategy among the hundred experts that play worldwide. Get those eyebrows burning for all the tips and tricks against your dealer. Knowing the basics gives you an edge of when to hit, stand, double, split, or even surrender profitably.  

Explore various strategies

Many strategies can help you win at Blackjack. There are a few that may work for you, which is why exploring different approaches is a must when playing Blackjack. The following are the top two:


This enables players to draw one more card to get more points for a stand and get their bets twice as high. This strategy is more advantageous when the players hold 9, 10, or 11, for instance, doubling a soft-17 versus the dealer’s 4, 5, or 6. Consequently, timing the doubling down can also make or break the probability of your chances to win. Use it wisely.

Splitting aces 

Considering that you don’t split 10s, splitting aces is the ultimate blackjack tip. When splitting, you bet again for a second hand, and draw again for you to stand or hit. Use the strength of numbers. You get a handful of cards, and the higher number of cards you’re getting, your chances to hit a blackjack also rise. Just don’t get it over 21.

The Absolute don’ts

Of course, in Blackjack, there have been many players who went to the trouble of trying to play an unconventional method of winning their hand. The following are mistakes they made, try not to make them.

Splitting 10s

As previously mentioned, YOU DO NOT SPLIT 10s. You already have a 20. It’s a point away from Blackjack, don’t be greedy for two hands and two bets. After splitting a 10, you may still end up getting an inferior hand versus your dealer. Don’t wait for a deal-breaker; strike as you see fit.

The Right Stand 

If the dealer has a hand of a 7 or higher, think about standing with a 12, 13, 14, 15, or even a 16. There is a low probability of you winning that play. If you choose to gamble your hand, you may end up losing stacks of cash, or you could go along with that streak of luck to get that Blackjack.

Ease up on liquid courage

Sure, playing on the app means there is no free booze, unlike in the casinos, but one way to keep your head in the game is to take in a moderate amount of alcohol. Again, the game involves common sense, math, and luck, so you might want to take it easy on liquor between plays. A few sips of liquid courage won’t hurt, but make sure it doesn’t cloud your judgment. Keep your strategy in play.

Cooler heads are destined to prevail

If your plays don’t work well and you are on your way to “Losertown,” keep in mind that the odds may still be in your favor in the next round. Take insurance if you can, so you could break even and avoid a bust. If you keep your cool, your strategies might still apply and might give you an upper hand between plays.

Find a strategy you’re comfortable with

Sure, getting a tip from an online strategy site or a trick book will get you excited about having a new experience in your play. However, hundreds of possible combinations for a different kind of shuffle, different types of suites, and even the number of decks, so the application of every strategy will be different. Find your niche, your timing, and follow through with the strategy you are comfortable with. 

Relax, it’s just a game.

Whether you are playing in the casino or the app, you are still playing for fun! –And money! Don’t be disheartened even if you are on a losing streak. Some days are just not meant for you; you win some, and you lose some. Keep in mind that you are still playing it for leisure, and, for some R&R. The bets are just there for extra thrills. As mentioned above, keep your cool, get your strategies straight, and play some Blackjack.