Love Greek Mythology? Try These 6 Games

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Age of the Gods

This game, from Playtech, is for people who enjoy a wager here and there. Age of the Gods lets you put your fate in Zeus’s hand while you navigate the 5×3 tile game. There are 25 different ways you can retrieve a payout through this game. All you need to get started is a capable device, an account, and a cheeky bit of cash to get you going. 


If you didn’t add this game to your lockdown playlist, you need to up your game now. Hades is a fun dungeon crawler that follows a story of defiance as you take up arms to battle your way through the Underworld. The goal of this game is to break Prince Zagreus out of the Underworld and flee from the hellish grip of Hades. On your travels, you will come across mythical beasts and other perils that stand between you and freedom. You can play this game on almost all platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo. 

God of War

Despite more recent entries flipping into Norse territory, God of War is one of the most acclaimed games with roots in Greek mythology. Become Kratos, the war general forced by Ares to slaughter his wife and daughter, as you become a godly power yourself. Through this gripping alternative 495 BC reality, you will take up arms against the Titans, the Olympians, and mythical beasts from the stories of Hercules. 

Assassins Creed: Odyssey

Assassins Creed is an enormous franchise, with Ubisoft churning out a new game every other year or so. Each adventure follows a fictional story rooted in history. In Assassins Creed: Odyssey, you will play as an outcast and transcend to legendary Sparta as you navigate the struggles of the Peloponnesian war. This entry features the likes of stone-turning Medusa, the Gorgon, and the labyrinth wandering Minotaur. 

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If you love the art of Ancient Greece, you will enjoy playing Apotheon. This game sees you taking control of the hero Nikandreos as you travel the vibrant 2D world with the backdrop of Ancient Greek pottery. This game takes direct inspiration from the world of Mount Olympus, Apollo’s Palace, and Artemis’ Forest. Further, if you’re a fan of the Iliad, you will enjoy the heroic tales told throughout this picturesque game. This game is best played on PC but is also available on the PS4. 


Okhlos lets you take control of an angry Grecian mob tired of the oppression cast upon them by the Gods. On your journey, the mob will travel through the scenes of Ancient Greece and face the Gods. Throughout the game, you will pick up the powers of Socrates, Pandora, and Hercules to help you overthrow the powers that be.  

Greek mythology is full of fascinating stories and forms the source material of so much popular culture. There are books dedicated to the era and TV anthologies packed full of information to keep you hooked. Get your chair ready, grab your controller, and get ready to take on the forces of evil. Whether you’re a role-playing guru, a side-scrolling fanatic, or a reel hero, there’s a game to suit everyone’s taste. 

Nakoa Davis