Making Gambling Your Main Income Stream: Things You Need To Consider

Whenever anyone visits an online casino, the first thing that comes into mind (especially after a nice lucky win), is how can I actually make this a passive stream of income? You would be lying if you said you did not. While it is impossible to give exact figures of what you can make each time you gamble, one thing that is certain here, is the fact that gambling is determined by sheer good luck. No matter how hard you will try, if luck is not backing you up, you really will not have anything to show for it. Gambling is nothing about effort, it is just a case of those random algorithms that run them, to align for you on the day that you decide to give it a try. 

Sure, you could try out some new betting sites with a hope for beginner’s luck on your journey to making gambling your full-time job. Perhaps utilising a couple of bonuses here and there, but in essence there are some things that you need to know, before you go all out on your journey. Things that we are about to tell you here and right now.

Pick your gambling choices based on mathematics 

Yes, mathematics is the key to making the most out of your gambling journey, it is all a numbers game at the end of the day. You need to gamble by making the best selections that can contribute to a win. You may not know this but all casino games for example, hold a percentage in favour of either the player, or the house. Some games will hold a considerably higher percentage that leans towards the house winning (the casino), where others are more in favour of you winning. These percentages are clearly labelled before you actually play a game, and it is your decision to do with as you will. Basing your gaming decisions around these, are where you can really maximise your gaming-winning potential, and contribute to attaining a consistent stream of income.

Selecting lower house edge games 

Whenever you select a gambling game, you will be presented with a RTP value (return to player percentage). This value is how you decipher what the casino will take away from every stake. Take blackjack for example, this game in the simplest 1-deck variation will have a 1.5% house edge. What does this mean? Well, it means that for every $100 you wager, 1.5% is automatically taken towards the house and you should theoretically take back 98.5%. Of course, this is purely theoretical and it does not mean you will win each and every time. It is considered an average. Yet, when you compare this with other games such as Baccarat or slot games, they can have house edges of 16%-24%, meaning you theoretically will only win back 84%-76% from every $100 that you wager. Therefore, mathematically you know the odds of winning are much higher in blackjack than they are for baccarat. So, if you are looking to win, you should always select the games that are mathematically more in your favour. Make sense? So, make your choices wisely.

You need to shop for your odds

While many highly esteemed publications like Forbes and the Business Insider, tell us gambling’s revenue is the highest it has ever been, due to the pandemic and lockdown, how many of these newly joined gamblers will know when it comes to sports betting, shopping for your odds is the best way to making guaranteed income? It’s true. When you choose to gamble on a sports team, you never pick the team that you love or have a bias towards, you place a bet on the best odds that will make you the most money. Sports betting is always about making a return, never just about the outcome you think is going to happen. 

By selecting a prediction based on the probability and likelihood (through research and study), and the odds making the most for what you are willing to bet, that is how you can walk away happy. Making income from sports betting is making professional and well-informed decisions. If for example, you have noticed your favourite player has not been playing at their usual performance, and he is the key player of a sports team, you should be able to make a deduction of how that will affect the overall projected odds. If it means you will make more money through betting on an underdog instead-then do it.

Gambling will never be about making the easy choices, sometimes you will notice the missing details between the entire story, and that is where you need to make the decision to act. Gambling is never guaranteed income, but for some it is exciting enough to make it happen, with the right investment of education and persistence to be better.

Nakoa Davis