Mobile Games for Busy People

Life is full of unexpected delays. Work meetings, doctor’s appointments, sick days, car trouble, let’s not forget about annual checkups. When all you see are four walls and a view of the ceiling your life starts to feel like a prison sentence. Mobile games break that monotony and show you there is light at the end of the tunnel. Millions of people survive their daily commutes by playing mobile games on their smartphones or tablets. 

Mobile games minimize distractions and maximize playtime on a cramped bus or a quiet train on the way to work. You can choose from a wide range of exciting mobile games that feature everything from combat, sports, action-adventure, and racing to mind-twisting puzzle-solving and brain-scrambling trivia challenges. 

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Here, we have picked some of these fun games from different categories to tackle all aspects of your monotonous traveling. Whether you’re bored in traffic or want to temporarily escape the cubicle grind, mobile games will make your busy and tiresome life a little more bearable.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Put down your controller and stretch your fingers. PvZ2 is a delightful, addicting strategy game that has you defending the home of the plant kingdom from an angry horde of zombies. There’s rarely a dull moment in this action-strategy game.

Mini Metro

Compact and cute, Mini Metro is also tough to master. On each map, the player must assign tracks to stations, balancing flow against efficiency. Unlock new modes when you complete maps with no deaths, or build massive networks when you’re in the mood for something bigger. The minimalist presentation makes it easy to stay focused, while the game’s soundtrack blends piano notes and digital noise into a mix that’s relaxing but never ambient, so you can focus on planning your next train line.

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

The newest addition to the Faraway series is a 3D puzzle adventure that invites players to explore a wintry Arctic world. In Faraway 3: Arctic Escape, players will solve puzzles inspired by challenging brain teasers, memory games and maths tests from the likes of The Witness and Hoshi Saga.

Total Party Kill

For a party-based roguelike, Total Party Kill goes surprisingly easy on randomization. Each level contains the same layout, and you’ll never face different enemy types in close succession. You can play each character once before handing them over to a death which loops them in with the others in a fresh yet familiar dungeon.

Dota Underlords

In Dota Underlords, you command a powerful army in fast-paced, competitive matches. Fight tactically as you use your gold to buy heroes and place them on a checkerboard battlefield. Will you wipe out your opponents or be the last one standing?

Evoland 1 and 2

Evoland 1 and 2 are two extraordinary games. Both of them include a varied range of game mechanics including RPG, puzzle, classic fighter, top-down shooter, platformer, and trading card. All these different mechanics have different graphics to go with the ambiance and essence of that particular part of the game. There are no ads to obstruct your gaming experience. Nor do you have to make any in-app purchase to move forward with the levels. There is also a plethora of stories for you to play through in Evoland.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

A unique puzzle game that combines brutal slasher horror with lighthearted humor, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is an instant classic. Slide Jason around elaborate puzzle boards to slice up unsuspecting victims, while also avoiding the local authorities. The puzzles start easy, but get harder as you progress through the different levels. The graphics are colorful and vivid, while the characters are goofy and over-the-top. Overall, it’s a fun romp that horror fans are sure to love.


Break blocks by flinging feline ferrets at them in order to save your dear little kittens. There are special blocks, powerups, and interesting ways to fail the levels. Piffle is a fun, fast-paced romp that tests your reaction speed and your ability to think ahead.

Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth is a mix of puzzle, turn-based strategy, fighting and story elements in one game, all wrapped up in a unique sci-fi package. The game features a unique narrative structure in which the player’s progress through the campaign is marked by the acquisition of “tickets” that are placed in their inventory. These are used to unlock new chapters after they are read, which provides an engaging way to present the story. 

Explore more fun games whenever you get some free-time. A busy work-life should never mean the end of fun and excitement. Don’t let the monotony get you.