Online Slots: Basic types to start playing

As the most popular game in casinos around the world, there is a certain unmatched charm to slots. Even though slots are the simplest of games available on any online casino, they have evolved in such a fashion that people from all walks of life can enjoy them without having to overthink about it. Moreover, slots are highly lucrative, with gamblers winning anywhere from pocket money to life-changing amounts from one spin.

The good thing about online slots nowadays is that there are several options for players to indulge in and earn. However, this abundance in choice can be a little daunting at first, and that is why it is essential to go with one of the leading online casinos for a hassle-free experience. is an excellent source of information on all the best online casinos out there, especially if you are in Canada, and if you prefer slots. These online establishments are known for offering fantastic bonuses and carry a diverse and ever-increasing catalogue of online slots. Your only job, once you join, is to select which slot niche is the most attractive and profitable for you.

Fruit Machines

The classic fruit machines are typically 3-reel slots with one or two pay lines. They are the original slots that many people adore and still love to play from time to time. Although the online versions are a little more interactive and fun, fruit machines still maintain their nostalgic charisma and are a must for anyone who has been a fan of slots for a long time.

slot machine

5-Reel Slots

In an attempt to make slots a lot more interesting, game developers soon came out with 5-reel slots. These allow online casinos a free hand in giving players much more variety in terms of pay lines and playability. You’ll find that 5-reel games often have bonus rounds that give the gambler a break from spinning to partake in side-games that might resemble classic board games, like the ones listed on, to earn more points and money. Over time, 5-reel slots have developed into a more pleasurable form of gambling that has, in turn, captured the attention of most casino lovers.  

Progressive Slots

Any professional slot player will tell you that no matter what games you typically play, it is essential to indulge in a few rounds of progressive slots. These slots consist of a combined ever-increasing jackpot and are responsible for some of the biggest online casino wins in history. For example, take the article that talks about a British soldier who won a 13-million-pound prize from betting only 25 pence. Finally, when it comes to making it big, nothing can beat a progressive slot, of which there are many options available at all the leading online casinos out there.  

Theme-based Slots

The primary reason behind the massive success of online slots over the last few years has been the introduction of theme-based slots. Now, players can not only win money playing games, but also have an entertaining time with slots that feature top musicians, movies, and themes that can range from romance and horror to island vacation and animals. There are literally thousands of theme-based online slots, some featuring up to 256 pay lines, to suit every possible interest and preference.