Popular Casino Game (Fire Joker) Game Rules Explained

A Jester is someone everybody likes. But the Jester from the popular casino game called Fire Jester is a character you’ll absolutely love. Fire Jester was launched by Play ’n’ Go in 2016 and is primarily a three-reel video slot incorporating five pay lines.

If you’re fond of reels full of Wild Jesters and stacked symbols, this game is a must-try. The game will take you back to the time when everybody enjoyed playing the authentic slot machines. For just $0.05 per spin, you can sail away into the world of fun.

Fire Joker slots are quite simple, but they manage to evoke excitement in the player. Even though this game is all about just spinning wheels, you can get prizes, making these elegant and simple online slots worth a try.

Let’s look at the game’s review with all the game rules explained for you to get a grip of the whole idea before you dive into the Jester world. 

Fire Joker game rules explained

We can’t deny that online gaming is growing in popularity, and we have our technology to thank for that. In the past, gaming was predominantly tied to PCs and gaming indoors at the comfort of your home. Now, we’ve got smartphones that allow us to play our favorite games on the go.

Fire Joker is a fun game you can play wherever you are and whenever you feel like killing time and kicking back with an exciting mobile phone pastime. 

The reels of the slot in Fire Joker have a fiery background with the logo just above the reels, so try not to burn yourself. The Joker is placed in the Wild and substitutes all the symbols. You can expect Bar and Stars symbols to follow right after the Red Lucky Sevens when you first play the game.

There are four types of fruit, including Grapes, Cherries, Lemons, and Plums. The lowest paying symbol on the slot is X. Because Fire Jester appeared in 2016, the game’s rules remained simple on this old-school slot machine.

Even absolute beginners can expect to become pro-players after just a couple of rounds of spinning. The features of the slots are classic – it’s a 3×3 grid with five types of pay lines that are fixed. Naturally, the goal is to match three identical symbols on a single pay line and win a payout.

Making that happen shouldn’t be an extreme difficulty because symbols on Fire Joker always tend to land in stacks. For your first try, you should set the bet between $0.05 (which is the lowest required input) and $100. After that, just spin away! 

Payouts and extra features

As far as the payouts are concerned, you can win up to 80 coins, which is the maximum, and called The Joker Wild, upon getting three fruits of the same kind. For other combos, you won’t get as much. E.g., Lucky Sevens payout only 25 coins for the combination.

Three Stars, on the other hand, will give you only 20 coins. Therefore, The Joker Wild should be your goal. Unfortunately, none of these spins are free, but Fire Joker comes with several extra features that will definitely keep you occupied.

We’ve already mentioned that reels usually land in stacks which is why winning is everything but impossible. An extra feature becomes available if you land two reels with the same symbols and one different, giving you an extra winning spin.

This winning spin is called the Respin of Fire, where just the third reel with different symbols re-spins while the two reels with identical symbols remain locked. Once you land the same symbols on all three reels, you will unlock the Wheel of Multipliers feature.

In that case, whichever amount of coins you won will get a multiplier chosen randomly, and you can earn up to two or ten times more than your original win.   


Yes, most gaming enthusiasts love the excitement and numerous additional features from slots, but we decided to recommend Fire Joker as the classic that offers a modern twist. Fire Joker is a quite simple video slot game at its core, but you won’t lack excitement and fun once you start spinning those reels.

The stacked symbols of Fire Joker can not only help you get big payouts, but they can also help you unlock extra features and earn free re-spins. Getting all identical symbols triggers the Wheel of Multipliers and, with some luck, you can multiply your winning ten times. To read more about the Fire Joker Slot-based game, visit: https://zamsino.com/uk/fire-joker/