Rumours: Is Florida sports betting close to being legalised?

florida sports betting

Rumours of legalising sports betting in the state of Florida have been circulating recently, and we’ll take a look at them in this article. Where and how may residents of the Sunshine State place bets currently?

What Is Sports Betting, and What Is It Used For?

Florida residents have a plethora of favourite pastimes, a few of which are card games and board games, like the famous board game Axio. Another famous pastime in Florida is Sports betting, and you may be wondering, “What precisely is sports betting?” Betting on sports is the same as placing a bet on the outcome of a sporting event. As a result of this, the world of sports betting has several facets, each with its own set of wager kinds and varying payout odds.

So, why is it against the law to place a bet on a sporting event? That’s a bit of a mess, and it’s a tense scenario. When you consider that horse racing is permitted in Florida, it’s even more strange. After all, the Miami Dolphins call Florida home, so the state is no slouch when mentioning sporting events.

Bets Placed by Residents of Florida

I thought we just said that sports wagering is against the law? Yes and no, of course. To properly explain it as stated on pro research on the legality of games of chance in Florida, local gambling provision is prohibited, but betting with offshore bookmakers isn’t illegal since it cannot be controlled by any US state, plus, offshore sportsbooks are regulated abroad across foreign markets. There are no consequences for gambling on any bookmakers that are not based in Florida.

Florida citizens who have achieved the legal gambling age may take advantage of one of the comprehensive ratings of the state’s top sportsbooks. Many offshore gambling sites in Florida allow you to place bets on your favourite sports teams without fear of prosecution.

Despite the fact that there are no officially recognized internet betting establishments in Florida, it is legal to gamble online. Residents can instead use offshore casinos or sportsbooks to play their favourite games on many useful sources like this one hereunder;

Rumours – Are they true?

In light of the current situation, it would appear that it seems improbable.

Low probability. Since the appeals were filed, it appears that online casino sports betting in Florida will not be returning in 2022. It doesn’t take long for rumours to spread, but as is the case with many rumours, they don’t lead to anything concrete. Recent legislation from neighbouring states has heated up the pressure, which is a good thing. Think about how much money Florida would lose if other states allow their residents to bet online.

Is Florida Going to Legalise Online Sports Betting in the Near Future?

There is a lot of excitement about the prospect of legalised sports betting in Florida.

The owners of the Hard Rock Casino, also known as The Seminole Tribe of Florida, which has a gaming monopoly in the state, negotiated an agreement with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in April 2021.

The Florida Seminole Tribe had agreed to pay a minimum of 500 million dollars a year to said state for the next 3 decades in exchange for exclusive rights to handle sports betting at its casinos. Mobile betting might become a reality in Florida if this deal can be reached.

In addition to the Governor’s gaming agreement with the Floridian Seminole Tribe, SB 2-A, a supplemental state sports betting measure, had become official law on the 25th of May, in 2021. The deal has passed both houses of the Florida state, but the Interior Department must still approve it before it becomes federal law. Legal battles are to be anticipated.

There will be no further online or offline sports betting in Florida until November 2021, after a U.S. A Federal Judge threw down the deal with the Seminole Tribe.

A Look Ahead to Florida’s Potential Debut of Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting, you can expect Florida to be one of the most hotly anticipated markets in the United States.

There are almost 21 million people living in Florida, making it the third most populous state in the United States and a huge market for book makers that abide by the law. When the Buccaneers won Super Bowl XLIX, imagine if fans had been able to place a bet on it.

There is no lack of teams to wager on locally for the state’s millions of sports lovers who reside in Florida. It’s fun to place bets on local teams because it puts you in the middle of the action, but you never know if you’ll learn something valuable about the game from the sportsbooks themselves.

Here are a few of the most popular local sports teams in Florida:

  • Jaguars of Jacksonville
  • Dolphins of Miami
  • The Buccaneers of Tampa Bay
  • Heat of Miami
  • The Orlando Magic are a team in the NBA.
  • The Miami Marlins.
  • The Rays of the Tampa Bay Area
  • Panthers of the Sunshine State
  • The Lightning of Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Inter Miami United CF
  • The Orlando Magic
  • Orlando’s Gay and Lesbian Community

Betting on the famous NCAA games that take place within state borders is illegal in several states. Sports betting rules in New Jersey ban spectators from gambling on college games in the Garden State or any NCAA events involving New Jersey-based university teams outside of the state.

Hopefully, Florida legislators will not follow New Jersey’s lead when it comes to in-state college sports betting. It would be a pity if bettors could not come in higher vicinity of the action shown by their favourite NCAA games in Florida, which boasts a vibrant college football and basketball culture.

NCAA teams in Florida that are worth betting on include:

  • Seminoles of Florida State
  • Gators from the University of Florida
  • Hurricanes of the City of Miami
  • If you want to beat the sportsbooks, you need to do your research, & if you proceed now, you’ll be ready when betting on sports legally begins in Florida.


However, keep your fingers crossed for the time being. Governing authorities in Florida have been under pressure from neighbouring states. For the time being, the issue is mired in muck, and I seriously doubt that even the new Ford Bronco will be able to fix it. For the time being, sports gamblers will have to rely on reputable offshore sportsbooks.

There isn’t much happening in the state of Florida in terms of sports betting right now, and that is unlikely to change very soon. However, despite the fact that Jason Robbins hasn’t given up, he’s the closest Florida will get to legalisation until it’s too late, in 2024.

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