Self-Exclusion Services at Real Gaming Sites

Without doubt, regulated gambling is a win for both the regulatory authorities, the operators, and players themselves. With many investors entering the iGaming scene with different models to attract players, the players now have so many options to explore. Unfortunately, some players have not really mastered stopping when there’s need to, or when the tides are not favourable.

As a result, we have had cases of many players slipping into gambling problems that altogether occasion harm to them. Thankfully, several jurisdictions have taken very bold steps to protect the players completely, allowing them to remain themselves while gambling.

Self-exclusion schemes have been helpful in stemming the tide of problem gambling around the world. This post looks at some self-exclusion services around the world, and how they have impacted gamblers.

GamStop in the United Kingdom

GamStop is a self-exclusion service that seeks to fully hand players their right to steer the affairs of their lives. GamStop is run by a not-for-profit organization National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited, with its activities and services offered free. UK players have had to subscribe to GamStop for a period of 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.

One noteworthy element of GamStop is that it partners with some other initiatives and schemes designed to assist problem gamblers. In this regard, it works closely with Gamcare and its network, GamBan, and UKGC to ensure players always control the gambling. Once you opt for any subscription, it runs until the time lapses, and a request to terminate it may not be granted. In order to find casinos that are not on GamStop, players use portals and articles featured above:

Another reason GamStop is top-tier is the ability to offer a multi-faceted pool of assistance to players. Through its partnership with Gamcare, it provides various levels of support including counselling, debt management, gambling support, among others. Hence, GamStop is a tool that you need to check out if you’re trying to curtail your gambling in the UK.

SpelPaus in Sweden

SpelPaus was launched in January 2019 by Sweden’s Spelinspektionen which regulates and sets standards for the Swedish gambling industry. system offers a stable platform for Swedish players to self-exclude themselves from anything gambling related on sites and apps. Spelinspektionen has gone hard on the casino operators in the country to encourage their players to self-exclude if they have to.

The regulator had severally launched different media campaigns to educate and enlighten players on the need to self-exclude. Such campaigns have been highly effective, having resulted in over 80,000 people registering on the platform at present.

You can opt for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years’ exclusion and restraint from gambling in any form online. Once you’re subscribed to SpelPaus, you’re automatically blocked from accessing all gambling-related content in Sweden, including adverts on your apps.

AAMS Exclusion in Italy

Just like every other top gambling jurisdiction, Italy also has its own feel of problem gambling issues affecting her citizens. In a coordinated response to this, Italian regulator Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (AAMS) launched its self-exclusion service. As a result, the Unique Self Exclusion Registry (USER) was set up to handle players wishing to curtail their urge to gamble.

USER offers Italian-based players an opportunity to have their gambling excesses checked on all sites and apps. It offers such via a free subscription model indefinitely or for a specific period of time. In most cases, the subscription can run from 1 month up to 4 months, with a possible renewal option.

In some cases, however, AAMS can recommend up to 6 months’ exclusion for mostly addicted players. The standard is for some follow-ups to be made, while players recover and gradually do away with gambling compulsion.  

Self-Exclusion Provided by Casino Operators

Casino operators occupy a prominent position in the fight against problem gambling, because they deal directly with the players. With several self-exclusion services being launched, casino operators are also urged to activate self-exclusion services on their sites and apps. Through the casino operators, players can easily connect to the self-exclusion platform and provide all details required for activation.

Several casinos in the UK, Sweden, Italy, and other parts of Europe have been mandated to provide self-exclusion for their players. You can guess that the results are pretty amazing, with thousands of players becoming free from compulsive gambling in these jurisdictions.


The task of ensuring a healthy gambling space for all players, falls on everyone: regulatory bodies, casino operators, financial institutions, social institutions, and players. Hence, it has been quite commendable what self-exclusion has done for players in recent times. Therefore, with concerted efforts of all stakeholders involved, the gambling ecosystem will soon become healthier than ever before.