Software Companies That Create Baccarat Online Games

Today, popular card casino games like Baccarat are played online due to the invasion of technology in every aspect of society. As such, businesses in the gaming sector have had to employ the services of software developers to create online versions of the game.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking to engage the services of software developers in creating a standard Baccarat game for your online casino business, read on.

Who Invented The Baccarat Game?

The Baccarat game was invented as far back as the 1400s by Felix Falguiere or Falguierein in Italy. Originally called “Baccara,” the Italian word for zero, it later became known as Baccarat when it spread to France.

In France, Baccarat was so loved by King Charles VIII that he reserved it for only the aristocrats and the upper class. But as the game attained popularity in Europe, it became a game for everyone and anyone.

The Scary Story Behind Baccarat

Although the Baccarat game has evolved over the years, legend has it that the game stems from an ancient Etruscan story of a virgin. According to folklore, the woman had to roll a nine-sided die to determine her fate. If she threw an 8/9, she was promoted to a priestess.

If she threw a 6 or 7, she was permitted to live but was prohibited from participating in any upcoming religious or communal events. If she threw anything lesser than a six, the result was death by drowning. While it may not be the best of tales, this formed the initial rules of the baccarat game.

Today, a player who throws less than a six only loses the game.

Five software companies that create Baccarat online game

  1. Betfoc

Betfoc is an iGaming software development company in India that constructs gaming and betting products. With programmers knowledgeable about blockchain technology and its use in the online gambling sector, Betfoc creates advanced Baccarat software. This software enables clients to generate huge returns on their online casino business.

The company can develop ideal Baccarat game software that suits clients’ business objectives and operations. They achieve this by offering room for customization and engaging designs.  Here is a list of the features Betfoc offers in its blockchain Baccarat game software:

  • Automatic card shuffler
  • Cash in and out via cryptocurrency
  • Achievement badges 
  • Leader boards
  • Admin dashboard from where an admin can easily monitor the game.
  1. Auxano Global Services

Known as AGS, Auxano Global Service is an app development and web design organization in India. The company primarily crafts the ideal design, development, and marketing solution clients need for their businesses to thrive.

With its team of expert and committed developers, Auxano offers online casino business owners the opportunity to hire skilled Baccarat game developers. The hired developers are tasked with designing and building cutting-edge, thrilling gaming applications for their casino users.

Here are some of the features the company offers in its Baccarat game development:

  • RNG (Random Number Generated) certification assures gamblers that the game is guaranteed to be fair and honest
  • Anti-corrupt system
  • Multilingual
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Security to keep the hackers away
  1. BR SofTech

Known as the best Baccarat game developer company in the US, BR SofTech is another company that offers quality services when building the ideal Baccarat online game. This gaming company has a talented group of game designers knowledgeable in blockchain technology. BR SofTech assists in creating the top-in-class, personalized baccarat casino game according to your specifications.

Here are some of the features its Baccarat game platform offers:

  • Automatic and manual shuffling
  • High-security system
  • Bonuses and coupons
  • Opportunity to host monthly and weekly tournaments
  • RNG certified
  • Multiple payment platforms
  1. Gammastack

Gammastack specializes in providing comprehensive yet functional IT solutions to its clients. Over the years, the organization has provided innovative iGaming software development solutions in online betting, fantasy sports, game development, etc.

It offers clients a Baccarat casino program that meets the needs of all kinds of gamblers; experts or novices. Here are some of the features its Baccarat software offers:

  • Multilingual
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Manual and automatic shuffling
  • Multiple player modes
  • Easy cash in and out due to its cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

5. Artistixe IT Solutions

Artistixe is a software development company in India that offers top-notch services in developing websites and mobile applications for businesses, SMBs, and startups. Experienced in developing captivating and responsive mobile apps and web designs, its teams can design Baccarat software per clients’ specifications and business needs.

Here are some of the features of the company’s Baccarat game software:

  • Single player mode
  • Multilingual
  • Opportunity to host a tournament
  • Top-notch security
  • Risk management system to prevent fraudulent activities


Due to its increasing popularity, several gaming companies have recognized the financial opportunity of having an online casino where gamblers can come and play Baccarat.

However, to ensure users’ engagement, giving them the best Baccarat gaming experience a virtual casino can offer is essential. As such, you need to employ first-rate software designers and developers that will create a quality game for your users.

Nakoa Davis