Solitaire: Which Variants Are the Most Popular?

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According to Britannica, Solitaire dates back to the 18th century. Nowadays, there is a whole host of variants available to players. The game’s beauty lies in its versatility, with users able to jump into digital versions or instead play at home with a standard deck of cards. Moreover, it’s a testament to the thought-provoking nature of the pastime and the mental skills involved that increasing versions are coming to fruition.   

Like many old-school card games, solitaire has established itself as a must-play activity within the digital age. However, there’s still scope for the suit-matching game to reach new heights over the coming years. With that, let’s look into some of the most popular variants and see if they’ve made the digital switch.

Numerous Avenues to Explore with Solitaire

It speaks volumes about solitaire’s expansion that BVS Solitaire states that there are now more than 540 different variants available to play. Of those, Klondike is currently regarded as the most popular option within the solitaire family. The much-loved variant is playable with a standard 52-card deck, and the aim of the game is to arrange cards by suit across seven different piles. Back in 1990, Klondike went digital when Microsoft incorporated the game into their Windows 3.0 operating system.

Furthermore, there are also sub-families within the solitaire realm. Along with the famous Klondike, players can now also immerse themselves in Double Klondike, a two-player variant of the highly-popular pastime. Not only that, but platforms like Solitaire Palace host multiplayer Klondike solitaire leagues that allow online players to compete against one another.

Because of solitaire’s flexibility, it has seamlessly transitioned onto various digital platforms. For example, there are currently numerous Klondike-inspired games available at Steam, a video game distribution service. However, developments like Klondike Solitaire Kings and Pretty Girls Klondike have built on the card game’s foundations by introducing themes. Klondike Solitaire Kings, a Boogygames Studio creation, features over 500 levels and customed-designed cards, which adds a modern-day spin to the old-school game. Not only that, but players can also buy additional downloadable content, such as Money Cat and Three Headed Dragon.

Some Variants Have Already Gone Digital

It’s a testament to solitaire’s diversity that many pre-existing variants have registered global levels of popularity. Russian Bank, for example, is more than 100 years old and is commonly played in both Britain and North America. However, the 52-card game has since reached new audiences, including residents in the Middle East. Within the region, Russian Bank is called Tonj, but the rules are exactly the same.

Much like Klondike, Tonj has also gone digital in recent times. Nowadays, modern-day solitaire fans can download mobile-friendly versions of the game at the App Store and Google Play Store. For further diversification, this phone compatibility could open the door to a long-term casino future, with some of the best casino bonuses for Arabian players stemming from playing on mobile. As per Arabian Betting, top-rated platforms reward bettors for playing their own way, including offering rewards to those who bet on their smartphones. At present, some of the most popular promotions include deposit bonuses and reload offers, which could theoretically apply to solitaire if it were to filter into the sector in the future. 

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Solitaire always had the characteristics to succeed within the digital age. Nowadays, that’s becoming increasingly evident due to mobile expansions. Business Insider reports that variants of the card game have long piqued gamer interests because of their quick play-time. From a learning standpoint, the fundamentals are relatively straightforward to get to grips with, and solitaire’s speed ensures that numerous hands are playable within a user-friendly period of time. Furthermore, the solitaire family also guarantees memory-improving and problem-solving fun, which is an attractive trait within the digital era of gaming.

Solitaire Hasn’t Shied Away from Digital Platforms 

There can be no doubts that solitaire variants like Klondike and Russian Bank are well-loved across the globe. In recent years, their popularity has been the catalyst to an involved future within the mobile and mainstream gaming sector. Going forward, few can argue that there isn’t a market for expansion, especially as the solitaire family continues to flourish after first breaking into the mainstream through Microsoft during the 1990s.