Some of the world’s most favourite blackjack books

Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular casino games. The aim is to get as close to 21 without going over and beating the dealer’s hand. While for most people, blackjack is just a hobby, some have made it their profession! Some players have gone on to write books to help the average player improve their game. Here are some of the world’s most favourite blackjack books.

The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

The first book we will look at is “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book.” The book was published in 1980 by Crown and written by Lance Humble and Ken Cooper. Lance is one of the co-creators of the Hi-Opt I and II card counting strategies, while Ken is a professional consultant with expertise in speaking and training. Together, the two authors have created a comprehensive look at the game, with guides on how to play blackjack, what to look out for in the casinos, and in-depth card counting strategies. If you’re looking for an all-in-one book that gives you everything you need to know about blackjack and how to beat it, this is the book for you.

Modern Blackjack

Published thirty years later, Modern Blackjack explores the current state of blackjack in casinos, written by Norman Wattenberger. Norman has worked for over 40 years in the IT industry, becoming a VP at Citibank, and was the co-founder and head of IT at Decision Drivers Inc. He also has a keen interest in blackjack and wrote Modern Blackjack to give a detailed look at blackjack in the late 2000s. It covers everything from basic to modern counting strategies and the conditions for it in casinos. The book has been revered by blackjack experts such as Don Schlesinger and is well worth a read for anyone who wants the most up-to-date strategies for beating blackjack.

Beat the Dealer

The first easily accessible book on how to beat blackjack, Beat The Dealer, was written by American mathematician Edward Oakley Thorp and was published in 1962. Edward is known as the father of card counting and mathematically proved that blackjack was winnable. The book explains the game’s rules, the first counting strategy ever devised, how to beat the casino’s counter-measures, and how to spot cheating. The information in the book is just as relevant today as it was in 1962 and is an essential piece of blackjack history.


No matter if you would like to learn how to play blackjack from scratch or if you’re looking to improve your blackjack game, there are plenty of helpful books that offer detailed explanations of all you need to know, from basic strategies to more advanced techniques. Any one of these three books should help you become a better blackjack player and take your game to the next level.