“Ours Is The Fury. These are the words of the black stag of Baratheon; a battle cry echoed throughout the land in rebellion when I, Robert Baratheon, the First of His Name seized the Iron Throne from the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen, ending a dynasty nearly three-hundred years old. – Robert Baratheon

The temperament of the Baratheon Lords is as tempestuous as their homelands’ name might suggest. The Storm Lands, on the east coast of Westeros, are known for the storms that occur there. This ancient family, who have long been on very good terms with the House of Targaryen, reign with firmness but also honour over their fiefdoms located not far from King’s Landing. She always defends her honour, but even honour is sometimes a subjective thing. Indeed, the Baratheons can also give in to the lure of power, even taking extreme measures to gain access to it, including making their own interpretation of what honour is. And of course, if we add to this their bellicose character, it is no wonder that their motto is “Ours is the Fury”.

In Game of Thrones: The Card Game, House Baratheon is probably the most power-oriented house. They have a strong tendency to multiply the number of characters capable of intervening in this type of challenge, but nonetheless remain a very balanced faction. Whether it is King Robert, whose fame is immense after his victory over House Targaryen, Renly, who uses his charm to recruit his supporters more easily, or Stannis, who relies on the occult powers of the god of Light R’hllor to assert his rights, everyone is ready to do anything to win. For as the Baratheons like to say, when you win something you have to spend your whole life fighting to keep it. And guess what? The Baratheons know how to fight, and they do it with fury.

In the first edition, House Baratheon has many characters with the Renown keyword and the Power icon, allowing them to rush for power during the challenges phase. Most of their strategies rely on establishing a strong domination over their opponents and crushing any sign of rebellion as soon as it shows up. They also have a lot of effects involved with dominance, because they the ruling house, after all. Last but not least, they are the only ones using the Vigilant keyword, which allows characters with it to stand after winning a challenge in attack. This is perfect when you have the initiative, allowing you to claim power and then stand them to defend what you’ve earned.

In the second edition, House Baratheon also relies on power and on the struggle for it. Each of the three Baratheon brothers also has his own way of claiming his due reward – the Iron Throne, of course – and allows for a variety of strategies. Robert Baratheon, as the King, will take edicts that will prevent some knelt characters or even locations from standing. Renly Baratheon, the most charming of the three, will easily recruit troops thanks to numerous effects while the severe Stannis, thanks to Melisandre and R’hllor religion, will avoid enemy traps and trigger powerful effects to get more insight into the enemy’s plans.

First Edition Deck – Joust – The Rainbow Guard

This isn’t about the bloody line of succession! That didn’t matter when you rebelled against the Mad King, it shouldn’t matter now! What’s best for the Kingdoms? What’s best for the people we rule? We all know what Stannis is. He inspires no love or loyalty. He’s not a king. I am.  – Renly Baratheon to Ned Stark.

The struggle for power also involves presence, and with his pretty fiancée Margaery Tyrell and his Rainbow Guard, Renly has plenty of it. In this power rush deck, gather all the knights loyal to Renly Baratheon, who proudly bear the Rainbow Guard trait, to maximise synergies, some of which are formidable.

Ser Emmon Cuy increases your claim during power challenges, while Ser Robar Royce gives Deadly to all the Rainbow Guards, and Ser Bryce Caron gives Renown to one of them.

Finally, Ser Parment Crane stands all your Rainbow Guard characters at the beginning of the Dominance phase, which combines perfectly with Offer of a Peach and Storm the Gate.

Two very good locations to have at the beginning of the game are Renly’s Pavillon to start accumulating power easily, and Bitterbridge Encampment to muster your Knight characters even faster.

Use the Knight of Flowers to keep your most important characters alive, and paralyse important enemy characters with the incredible In Renly’s Name.

Renly Baratheon will accumulate power through Renown, and The Stag and Rose. To secure wins in power challenges make good use of the Kingswood Trail.

Numerous Power Struggle plots such as Stay of Execution and An Empty Throne add to the deck’s thirst for power. 

First Edition Deck – Melee – The Servants of the Light

“I’ve Been Ready To Die For Many Years. If The Lord Was Done With Me, So Be It, But He’s Not.” – Melisandre

Faith in Rhllor is the most powerful of weapons. Fulfill the designs of the one god and his devoted servant Melisandre. With this deck based on the Mystic virtue, your servants of Light will rise from death to serve without respite.

Melisandre allows the Mystic characters in your dead pile to count their strength during dominance, and if you win it, one of them will return to play for free. Knight of Summerhall will also relentlessly come back from the dead thanks to your Mystic characters.

Use Wicked Seductress to kneel dangerous opposing characters and prevent them from defending against your Mystic characters, or simply get rid of the most dangerous enemy characters with Shadow Killer. 

Your Mystic characters will easily win challenges once strengthened with the Shadow Enchantress and Cleansing Light.

Once you’ve played important events such as Lord of Light, Protect Us, use Maester Cressen to take crucial event cards back from your discard pile, and you can even send him back into the shadows thanks to the Sister of Truth.

Events such as Compelled by the King or Fiery Kiss will also ensure you win dominance or bring back a character to life in critical situations.

Plots such as Many Powers Long Asleep or The Power of Faith are perfect for your Mystic characters and will help to secure victory for the greater good of R’hllor.

Second Edition Deck – Robert, King of Summer

“Which Is The Bigger Number Five Or One … One Army, A Real Army, United Behind One Leader With One Purpose.” – Robert Baratheon

As long as the Long Summer keeps going on under King Robert’s rule, all shall be well. And that deck is made to ensure that. Based on Robert’s Baratheon ability to prevent characters or locations from standing during the standing phase, this decks prefers flat gold bonuses and other card abilities that can trigger without kneeling them.

Along with the Kings of Summer agenda and your many Summer plots easy money, Robert Baratheon is the key of this deck, combined with characters with a strength lower than five. For example, the R’hllor Infiltrato will grant you easy power.

Ser Axel Florent is an amazing card for that deck, it allows you to draw more cards while kneeling an enemy character when killed. And you can get him back into your hand if you already have played Spears of the Merling King.

To ensure you have enough gold to muster your troops, use the Late Summer Feast plot, possibly in the first turn if you feel your opponent has a rush strategy. Exchange of Information will allow you to refill your hand easily in the later turns.

This deck is weak in intrigue, so take care of Selyse Baratheon so that she allows your other characters to defend in intrigue. You can also do preventive defence by kneeling enemy characters thanks to Melisandre and Shoren Baratheon.

Once you’ve built your strategy, finish your opponent by making a strong challenges phase after sacrificing Ser Imry Florent. This will ideally leave the field open for Stannis who will attack relentlessly thanks to Lightbringer.

Nakoa Davis