The Evolving Nature of Slot Games

For those who enjoy online gaming, playing slots is always a popular choice. These are very simple and easy to play, so you can sit back and relax while playing, rather than offering your full attention to something a little more complex.

However, if you look at the world of slots now compared to a couple of decades ago, the change in this part of the industry has been very dramatic. Casinos are now compared to each other, with sites like luckydice offering help to those looking for somewhere new to play. When it comes to slots, the number on offer, quality of the games and frequency of new games are all highlighted.

This means that casinos are constantly looking for more from developers, and this has been the main reason for the way in which we have seen slot games evolve.

The Size of Slot Games

The biggest change we have seen recently has been with the size of the slot games that are released. No longer are these games small boards, with three reels. Some are still made with a simple style, but others have six or seven reels, to increase the number of pay lines.

With gaming engines such as Megaways, on some games there are up to one million different pay lines that can be in play at any one time. Compare that to the games with sometimes single figure pay lines that we used to see 20 years ago, and you can see how the size of slot games has changed.

Bonus Games and Features

Inside each game, you are going to see at least one or two features available, while the bigger games will have these as well as something else, such as a bonus game or bonus round that you can enjoy. Part of the reason for this is down to game themes, and we are seeing some board games be used as game themes, so inside the slot, there is a mini version of that game on offer.

This never happened in the past, but the reason it can now is because of technological advancements elsewhere.

We all have better computers to play games on, and those who play on mobile have state of the art devices in their hands thanks to the likes of Apple and Samsung, who spend millions each year on development. Slot games needed these improvements to grow, but the industry itself does deserve a lot of credit for using everything that is available to them.

The Future

In terms of what the future looks like, the short answer is extremely bright. We are seeing casinos continue to push their developers to create games that are bigger and better than anything we have seen in the past.

Combine that with the improvements in technology for computers and mobile devices, allowing developers to push things even harder, and it seems likely that continued growth will happen. This should mean bigger and better slot games in the future for all players to enjoy.