The Funniest Card Games Ever

Fun is the primary reason why we play games. Card games are one of people’s favorites because they give us as much fun as we crave. Some of these games are either brain tasking or funny. Altogether, these games give us the best memories of joy.

Imagine how much fun you would have with your friends playing a funny card game over a glass of wine or at your leisure. Sounds great, right? Here are some of the hilarious games ever you can consider.

  • Joking Hazard Card Game: If you love funny games, then the Joking hazard is for you. This game includes 360-panel cards. The card panel also consists of an extra ten cards that allow each player to add their own words. To play the game, the first player will flip a card. The judge then picks a second card before a competitor picks the third. The combination of these cards tries to create the best comic. However, the game is fun, and it is not for the faint-hearted. Likewise, it is not suitable for individuals with a sick sense of humor.
  • Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid: This game is one of the funniest party card games ever. Often, people claim this game is suitable for testing the strength of friendship. With the variety of cards present in the pack, the play touches almost all life scenarios. The group picks a player based on consensus to carry out a particular action. Once a player is packed, he keeps the card. The player with the most card eventually loses.
  • The Metagame Card Game: This game is a brilliant card game. It contains about 300 cards all together. A whopping 200 of the total tickets are culture cards, while the remaining 100 are opinion cards. The game can be played in six unique ways. It is capable of providing hours of fun. The game can accommodate up to 33 players. Aside from the fun in the game, the game also allows the players to share thoughts on various topics. The card game often covers multiple issues, including fashion, art, media, and entertainment.
  • Exploding Kittens (Explicit): Regardless of the bizarre name of this card game, it is still one of the funniest card games you can come across. The card has recorded the sale of over eight million copies. The game is quite simple. You draw cards, and the player that draws the exploding kitten is kicked off the game. However, you can stay in the game if you still have a defuse card with you. Alternatively, you can outrun the danger by skipping turns and passing it to other players.
  • Salute the King: This game is one of the funniest card games ever. It is suitable for both kids and adults. The cards contain four significant cards, including the queen, jack, king, and Ace. The hilarious part of this game is the gestures. The gesture is quite flexible. You can create your fun gestures such as flapping of arms and making chicken noise.

 While you can play these games with your friends, you can also play with strangers in various online casinos like idealecasinos. The most important thing is getting as much fun as you ought to. Also, importantly, the game is neither for the faint-hearted nor those with a poor sense of humor. 


Playing card games is quite fun. Some specific card games can even help you amplify the fun. Some of the games are bright and brain tasking, while others are also funny and hilarious. Moreover, these games are capable of strengthening friendships and creating the best fun memories. 

Nakoa Davis