The History of Bingo In The UK

Bingo is a very popular game in the United Kingdom. There are over 5.6 million players and 78% of them play at least once per week. Of course, most play even more often. 75% are women while 25% are men. Bingo is a game in which you will need to mark specific numbers you like and a person will extract them from a machine. If you have guessed the right numbers, you will win a prize. The game is relaxing and fun. Yes, there are a lot of variations but they all work in the same way with minor differences. 

Offline Vs Online Bingo

There are two main types of bingo games. The first type is offline bingo. This type of game is played in large areas and people can come, buy as many tickets as they like, use the provided pen or the system and play. There is one person who will extract the balls with the numbers. Keep in mind that in some situations only the numbers can be presented. The balls may be unavailable. The goal is to get the numbers and implement them to your ticket. If you have all the numbers, you will win. 

This type of bingo is usually more popular among elderly people who play for fun. However, there are players who play for profit and many can make a significant income. Tickets are cheap and there are a lot of options to play and enjoy. The most common variations of offline bingo are 30 ball, 75 ball, 90 ball, and 80 ball bingo. As we have mentioned, all of these work in the same way but there are some differences. 

The second type of bingo is online bingo. This is a more popular and more common option in the United Kingdom. Some players can play only at bingo sites for GamStop players via NonGamStopBets. This is common if a player has a self-exclusion period from GamStop. If you are under self-exclusion, you won’t be able to gamble at sites that are members of this organization. 

Online bingo is a virtual game. You still need tickets and you can get as many as you like. The process is the same but the numbers will be virtually presented to you. They are automatically marked if you have selected the right ones. As such, winnings are automatically added to your balance. 

Here we can see the same variations of the game. You can still play 80 ball bingo, 90 ball, 30 ball, and many others. Keep in mind that there are a lot of unique variations. The number of them you can play will depend on the site where you want to play. Some offer countless variations that are fun and appealing. 

Who Play Bingo

In the lack of a better word, all players and gamblers play bingo at some point. In the United Kingdom, 75% of players are women. The rest are men. Most players are aged 45-54 years followed by people 55+ years of age players. However, younger people do play bingo as well. Those aged 18-34 play as well. 25% of the players are members of this age group. Players aged 35-45 are also common and 26% of the players are in this age frame. 

The reason why bingo is so popular is obvious. It is simple to play, it is fun and there are a lot of options. Add great bonuses that are common for online bingo and you can deduce why so many players enjoy this game. These bonuses offer you free tickets, additional funds and so much more. They are more commonly available at specific bingo sites only. On the other side, you can find them at popular casino sites as well. 


Bingo is a very popular game in the United Kingdom and due to a reason. It is fun, it comes with amazing perks and it is simple to play. People of all ages play bingo and more will play in the near future. Online bingo is more popular among younger people who use their computer or smartphone to play. Yes, you can play using your phone only. But, you will need to find a website that supports this medium.