The Queen’s Gambit: Rebirth of the Game of Chess

All sports waver in popularity over time, especially when certain teams or players have big wins over and over. This naturally sparks people’s interest in that sport. In early 2020, we saw something similar with the popular Netflix series – the Queen’s Gambit.

The Queen’s Gambit is quite a popular series produced by Netflix; it depicts a Grandmaster Chess player – Beth Harmon, who struggles with her addiction to drugs and fights to defeat the world of chess dominated by men by defeating the sitting grandmaster.

Based on the series, the young girl started her career in the basement of an orphanage home, where she was taken after she lost her birth mother. She watched the janitor of the orphanage play by himself, and over time her interest in the game grew. She played with him time after time, learning and mastering the basics of the game. From the orphanage home to her first competition, she attained greater heights in the world of chess and got popular country after country, continent after continent.

You don’t have to watch the series or find a janitor in the basement of orphanages to learn and master the game. Platforms like Gamerules will help you get conversant with the game.

Game rules have proven to be helpful not only to gamblers but to every sportsperson who wants to learn a thing or two about any game. On Gamerules, you can master the art of chess just like Beth Harmon did. You could also learn the basics of the games like blackjack, craps, roulette and many other games online. 

You may ask yourself how a young girl rising to victory made chess so popular? We have seen several movies and shows with similar storylines, so what makes this one so popular? Is it the game itself, the same game of chess which is so boring to watch by the majority, that got our attention?

About a year ago, if you told the general public if a show about chess could have such numerous views even to break Netflix’s record, no one would believe you. Yes! The show broke Netflix’s record scoring the most streams in its first month after its release, having over 62 million accounts from different parts of the world watching. Even now, The Queens Gambit still sits on the list of Netflix’s top 10 most viewed shows.

What’s even more exciting is how the show brought the game of chess back to life. Many retail stores and online stores have reported a massive increase in sales of chess boards since the release of the show. eBay recorded an increase in sales of over 270%.

Ever since the debut of this amazing series, everyone with little interest in chess has grown fond of the game as they want to channel their inner Beth Harmon to get better at the game and even beat the best to become the best. Some popular chess websites also reported an increase in the use of their platforms. A particular site reported that they had new sign-ups every day in the first month of the series release, and each day beat the previous day’s record.

So have you ever considered playing a game like chess?

Any gambler who knows about casino games knows that it is crucial when creating a new game to make the game as simple and fun as possible so an average gambler can understand the game and play with fun. For Chess to survive in casinos, it needs to be a low house edge game. House edge simply means the returns the casino expects from a bet. When gambling, you bet against the casino. A game with a low house edge like blackjack means you are mostly to win against the casino. Chess is not all that an exciting game to be incorporated in casinos. However, if given a low house edge, it might stay longer than we thought in casinos.

Nakoa Davis