The Simplest Casino Games to Play Online

You might think that you would need to wager vast sums on overly complex casino games and tournaments to come away with a cheeky cash prize online. That is not true, though. In fact, there are many seemingly simple internet casino games out there. Some of these games take just a few minutes to learn. With others, you can sit down and play with no prior experience. If you want to play fun and straightforward but prosperous casino games online and have a decent chance to win, allow us to guide you through some of the hottest hits.


Pokies and slots are right at the top of our list because these games are the most numerous of all online casino titles. They are also amongst some of the simplest. You can learn to play pokies online in just a few seconds and help you get started; there are plenty of free-to-play demos out there. Ultimately, you are merely looking to try and match three identical symbols on a payline (or adjacent reels if there are more than 243 ways to win) to pocket a prize. There are all sorts of added features thrown in to help you win, but this is the barebones of the game.

The Simplest Poker Game Around

You can forget about other human players and even AI dealers when it comes to online video poker. This is a casino game that merely requires you to form a poker hand from one of those available on the game’s paytable. If your video poker hand matches one of those listed, you will win a prize in relation to your bet. What could be simpler? On top of that, there are plenty of different variants out there, each with its own tweaks to the rules. None of them is complicated, and all can be played in mere minutes. All you need to understand is how poker hands are ranked, and you are good to go.

Bet on Numbers and Win

Both Keno and bingo games can often be found in top casinos. While there are similarities between them, they are also quite different. The formula to winning on bingo depends on whether you are playing 75, 80 or 90 ball bingo. However, the general rule is that you purchase cards with numbers on them, and you are looking to cross off “lines” or the entire card to win cash prizes.

Keno works in a similar way. You can often choose a handful of numbers (up to fifteen in many games), and you will pocket staggered cash prizes based on the number of matches you have. Unlike bingo, you can choose your own numbers, much like in lotteries.

Scratch and Win

Scratch cards are not solely found in betting outlets across the country. Online scratch cards exist, too. These games solely require you to “scratch” away the 3×3 grid on each card to reveal symbols. If you match three identical symbols or cash prizes, then you can expect to walk away with a prize. Some games also have a special multiplier option, and this may allow you to boost what you win.

Easy to Play Table Games

If you fancy playing something a little more casino-like, then both Casino War and Andar Bahar could be worth a punt for you. Both games allow you to sit down and play with no prior knowledge of how the games work. Andar Bahar merely involves betting on which side (left or right) will display a card matching the first one drawn. The first side to do so wins. In Casino War, the objective is simply to land the highest scoring card to beat the dealer’s own card.

Alternatively, Try Instant Win Games

If you fancy a crack at something else, there are always instant win titles. These casino games simply involve putting your money on something to happen and receiving fixed-odds prizes in return. For instance, in virtual horse racing, you can wager on which horse you believe will win. Alternatively, you can play games like Sudoku, Coin Toss and others in a bid to land cash prizes, despite not knowing anything about the game.

It is fair to say that any of the above titles easily represent the simplest casino games you can choose to bet and win at online casinos today.