There are so many different kinds of board games out there, making it a fantastic hobby for anyone. There are though those games that are so good, and so well balanced, that players always walk away from the board feeling great. Win or lose these games are always a good time and leave a player feeling fulfilled and excited to play the game again. Below I will talk about three of my personal favorites. These include Photosynthesis, Sagrada, and Splendor. These games are also great because they differ so greatly, you can try them all without feeling like your playing the same game again just reskinned. 


Photosynthesis is a great game because, one its beautiful, and two, it has such a great balance of relaxing fun game mechanics and healthy competition. This game is always a hit at game nights. It sparks a fun environment that puts new and seasoned players at ease. 

Photosynthesis is about planting and cultivating a beautiful forest. The strategy comes from knowing when to plant your seeds and how the sun will fall across your forest. I’ve seen this game played so many times and played it countless times myself and I never feel like there is only one way to win. It is a game that evolves with each new player strategy and rewards those willing to adapt and grow with the experience. 


Sagrada is a breathtaking game. it truly feels like you are making a piece of art as you compete to make stained glass windows. Each player will have their template that they will be using to draft patterned and colored dice. These dice will be what makes up the beautiful creation you will be scored on at the end of the game. this is another relaxing game where the work you put in leaves you feeling achieved even if you don’t come out on top. 


Splendor is a fantastic game for those who like card drafting and resource management games. It’s a game you have to work to win at, and win or lose you always feel accomplished seeing the work you have put in and the way you have grown your board from nothing to an empire. 

Splendor is a game of gem mining and collecting allies. Players are competing to reach a point goal and can keep track of their opponent scores as well, making for a fun and elusive race for first place. 


These are my favorite feel-good games. These never fail to leave me feeling happy. They’re the type of game you can play over and over again with your friends and never get tired of them. Whether you like more competition, drafting, or just making something throughout the game these games are all terrific ways to complete those goals. You can never lose with these games, at least it will feel that way. These are amazing games to add to your weekly rotation if you were looking to expand. Also, let me know what games are your go-to feel-good games.

Nakoa Davis