Three Games to Play on Date Night

Gone are the days when date nights had to be about having dinner in a secluded space with roses and candles over dinner. Yes, many still enjoy that intimate set-up, but date nights carry different meanings depending on what they love to do to spend time together. 

Indoor date nights are equally as intimate as going out on a special dinner. Whether you choose to prepare a special meal yourself or plan a cosy movie night with ordered take-outs, there’s a lot you can do over a date night. One of these can be gaming too. 

Incorporating casual games in your date can be fun, exciting and entertaining. It’s a time to laugh a lot and see who the real sore loser is between the two of you as you put your competitive edges to the test. 

This article will be looking at three exciting games that you and your spouse can play together to make your date night as intimate, light and meaningful as possible. 

Your Three Best Picks for Date Night

Exploding Kittens

For something a little more on the fun side of things, then Exploding Kittens may be the perfect option for you. If you’re fond of gambling games like Russian roulette, then understanding this game will be just as straightforward as understanding simple casino slots

Themed with kittens, the game’s rules are centred around you having to avoid the exploding kittens right until the game is over.  If you happen to get an exploding kitten when the card’s been dealt with you, you lose the game. But a loss can be avoided if you draw any of the defuse cards. 

Our Moments

Our Moments is a sentimental card game that works on building conversation to take the two players back and build their relationship further. It’s a perfect choice to incorporate on your date night as it helps you both rediscover your passion and spark for one another. 

In the game, you follow the instructions on the cards. You both relax and focus on listening to each other as you play along to remember old times and enjoy each other’s company. 

Take the time to invest in the moment and bond with your partner truly, and don’t be too shy to address any issues or weaknesses. The subtle and calm mood should do enough to allow for a more assertive and reassuring approach to working on your relationship.


Bananagrams is another fun and entertaining game that’s excellent for couples looking to learn something new and explore a few things. It’s therapeutic and educational, with lots of information to boost cognitive development. 

In the game, the first player has to use all their letters to win, especially once the Bunch has been emptied. When one of the players has won, they have to shout “Bananas!” so the other player knows they are out of letters. All the words made have to be correctly spelt, and no proper nouns or inappropriate words are allowed. 

In Conclusion

You can pick from the list above based on what you’d like to achieve on your date night, but no matter your choice, you’re bound to have a fantastic time.