If you don’t know what a legacy game is, here is a quick rundown. A legacy game is a game you will play over multiple sessions with the same group of people. You will usually embody a single character that you will progress through the story while permanently altering the game settings or components. 

In short, it’s a game you can only play one time, which scares a lot of people off, but honestly, these are some of the most story-rich, and fun games to play in my opinion. 

Below are my top three legacy games. Each one has a different theme and playstyle which makes for a nice variety. There are so many more legacy games to choose from as well, so if the below games don’t quite tickle your fancy, check out other legacy games online. I am certain you can find something that will interest you. 


Betrayal Legacy is the legacy version of the game Betrayal at House on the Hill. There are many legacy games that take your favorite standalone board games and make them into playable campaigns. This is one of those. It also has a special feature that makes it extremely popular with me and friends, once you have played through the legacy portion of the game it leaves you with a custom game of Betrayal at House on the Hill to continue playing. 

The story of the game is you play descendants of a family you create that through the years keeps coming back to this cursed house. The story is always different and new families can be awarded the deed, but the base of the beloved Betrayal at House on the Hill stays the same. You explore the house revealing new rooms and eventually, one of the families’ descendants will betrayal the rest of the players. If you love a little thematic horror and enriched stories this is the game for you.


Seafall is a great game about exploration and seafaring shenanigans. The game is also one of the most player customizable I have seen. You will play as rulers sending out ships to explore, claim and expand for your kingdom. Seafall is not cooperative either which is not common for legacy games. 

One of the greatest things about Seafall is the decisions you make have lasting and important consequences. Unlike some legacy games, you are not just naming items and places but making game-altering choices that will affect the play of the game for you and other players, for better or worse. If you love a game where your choices matter and you like the idea of exploring an unknown world, Seafall is for you.


Last but certainly not least I have Gloomhaven. If you have read many of my articles you have probably deduced my love for all things fantasy and RPG. So, if you are anything like me and love Dungeons and Dragons and all things fantasy you are going to love this game. 

Gloomhaven is a dungeon diving, high fantasy, legacy role-playing game. You will fight monsters, collect treasures, explore forgotten ruins and you can do that all with the help of your friends. It is like playing DND without a dungeon master.

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Nakoa Davis