Top 5 Best Games For Poker Night

Poker has started its reign since the early 20th century. It has evolved from being a mere recreational game to being a big money-making game.

Poker is a card game where players wager over which hand is better. The game starts by players placing bets and playing in turns.

It has been a popular game in casinos where a group of people go to play. It can also be played with strangers on online casinos like Mobile Slot Games on OnlineCasinosHEX.

Different games are suitable for a poker night. These games are played for both recreational and betting purposes. These games include;

Texas Hold ‘em

Texas Hold ’em is one of the most popular poker games. It is a starter game for beginners that want to learn poker games.

When playing Texas Hold ’em, the dealer in the game shuffles a deck of 52 cards. Each of the players is dealt with two-hole cards. It enables the possibility of a five-card hand.

When playing the cards, players are required to post both small and big blinds to start the betting. When playing this game at home, the role of the dealer is shared among players.


Omaha is also a poker game and an exciting one. Each of the players is dealt with four-hole cards. Players must play two of their hole cards and three of the community cards.

It is similar to Texas Hold ’em but has a specific difference. Omaha consists of 5 community cards, including a river, a turn and a flop.

There are variations in the play of Omaha. There is the Omaha high and the Omaha 8. In Omaha high, players hope to win pots with the best high-hand.

Omaha 8 is slightly different from Omaha’s high with a distinct difference.

Seven-card stud

Seven-card stud is a hipster poker game. Two to eight players play the game. Community cards and flops are not present in this game.

The game starts with a card facing upwards and two cards downward. These cards are known as the door cards and the hole cards.

The players are dealt with seven cards, four faces up, and three faces down. You are required to pick the best five combinations of cards.

It is most times played as a limit game. You also have to concentrate and keep track of your opponent’s card to keep the odds in your favor.

2-7 Triple Draw

The 2-7 triple draw is an advanced poker game. It is an exciting game that aims to get the least possible five-card hand when betting in four rounds with three draws in a game.

In every round, the players discard any card of their choice from zero cards to five. After dropping the card, the dealer gives a replacement card to the player.

There is the last round of betting right after the final draw; then, the dealer determines whether the bet is placed or discarded.

Open-face Chinese pokers

Open-face Chinese poker was invented in 2011. It evolved from the closed face Chinese poker. The players draw cards from a single deck in a bid to make the best hand possible.

Players play for points and not for rounds, just like some other card games like gin rummy or heart.

After the replacement of the cards is completed, the players arrange cards into three different hands, then the winner is determined after a series of steps.


Poker games are played by both youths and adults for recreational purposes and also for betting purposes. Poker games started as an indoor recreational game for fun then later evolved into games played outdoor.

It followed this suit until it became a casino game and even an online game. You enjoy these games in an online casino. Many new sites are popping up on the market with tons of bonuses and promotions. Especially new Canadian casinos 2023 offer a lot of different poker variants to play and great bonuses. Different card games then came up to join the poker game.

Today, various card games suit a poker night.

Nakoa Davis