Top 5 Scratch Cards

Luck is one factor that determines the winning of a player and the odds of the game another factor. Luck and odds are two different factors that work independently. 

These two factors apply to all gambling games, including winning scratch cards. Scratch cards are usually a piece of paper with a silver UV ink panel to cover a winning cash value or symbol. The player scratches off the inked panel to reveal the cash symbol or value. The information beneath the panel determines if the player wins or not.

There are two types of scratch card; the online scratch card and the regular scratch card. The regular scratch card is the type that involves you scratching off the silver panel to reveal the cash value. While the online scratch card does not require you to peel off the panel, all you need to do is to pay and click on a ‘reveal’ button to see your cash symbol or value.

Getting scratch cards and playing them online is advisable. This is only advisable if the right website is visited. Sites like can be considered.

There are different scratch cards to be played. But amongst these scratch cards, certain ones stand out. Below are the top 5 scratch cards;

1. Dreamcar: Ferrari with 1:2.5 odds

The Dreamcar is a scratch card that gives you the chance to win your dream car, a Ferrari. Being the winner of the scratch card allows you to be the owner of a Ferrari. Its odd is considerate. It has an odd of 1:2.5 with over 50% Return to Player (RTP).

2. Fruity flurry with 1:2.24 odds

You win this scratch card by matching three symbols. Picking this scratch card, you stand a chance of winning £50,000. It has a 63.4% RTP and a 1:2.24 odds. It cost only 80p to play and win the game.

3. £100,000 cash with 1:3.1 odds

Getting this scratch card gives you the chance to win a main £100,000. The game is played by matching three numbers to win. It is easy to know if you won because the winning icons glow while the ones that lose fade into the background. It has a 57.50% RTP and 1:3.1 odds.

There are different prizes to be won under this scratch card ranging from the highest, £100,000 to the lowest £2.

 4. Wish Upon a Jackpot with 96.06% RTP

The “wish upon a jackpot” scratch card is a fascinating scratch card to play. This scratch card can be found exclusively at Corals. It has high range staking making it easy for people to stake different values. You can play up to 25 cards at your desired stake. It has a 96.06% RTP.

5. Pig wizard with 95.82% RTP

The “pig wizard” scratch card is a new scratch card that allows staking of different ranges of amounts. It pays all wins as high as £500,000 and equivalents in all currencies. It has 95.82% RTP.

It is an exciting thing to scratch off the silver panels of a scratch card, but the more fun is to emerge winner of a scratch card. Winning is the main factor that most players consider when picking a particular scratch card. Many a time will a player go in search of scratch cards claiming to get a better scratch card than the former but ends up losing.

The player loses because the player isn’t looking out for some things before getting the scratch card. There are certain factors to look out for when deciding to pick a scratch card, as these factors constitute the probability of winning greatly. These factors include;

● The Winning Odds

It would be best if you considered the odds of the scratch card. The higher the odds, the higher the chance of winning.

● The Return to Players (RTP)

It would be best if you also considered the RTP of the scratch card. The Return to Player (RTP) value shows the percentage of the staked amount that will be returned to the player. It is advisable to pick the a card with high RTP.

● The website you get the scratch card

The site you get the scratch card also matters. Reliable websites can be consulted.