Party games are some of the best types of games to play especially when you have a larger group. They are fun, easy to learn, and quick. They also allow for players to phase in and out of the game, and while they may have win conditions, and they are not the types of games that you feel compelled to always win.

The problem with card games is they are often overshadowed by, their very fun, but very popular competitor, Cards Against Humanity. This is a shame because there are so many fun and unique card games available, and ones that can be played with a more diverse audience.

I’m going to talk about two of these games. Medium and Werewords are two great and diverse party games.


Medium is a strange but fun party game that is playable by 3 or more players. The goal of the game is to mind-meld with your neighbors to earn insight gems. Each team up gets three guesses to say the same word using two words to guide them. The faster the players get it the more points they earn. This game also allows for more in-depth rules or can be played just as a “fun around the table” kind of game.


Werewords is a game playable by 4 to 10 players. The goal of the game depends on which team you are on. If playing with the villagers, you are trying to correctly guess the word before time or clues run out or find one of the werewolves. If on the werewolves’ side, you are trying to keep the villagers from correctly guessing without being caught.

It’s a very different kind of game that becomes even more fun the more you play it. Think 20 questions but on steroids. It’s the kind of game people will love jumping in and out of and playing all the different kinds of roles that are in the game. it’s just as fun with more or fewer players so it’s a great game no matter how large your party is.


Now that you have a couple more games in your arsenal I hope game nights are fun, exciting, and more diverse now. If you want to see more party games in the future keep an eye out on our blog as I will be adding a few more articles with even more fun and different party games. Happy gaming!

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