Videopoker Online: Tips That Increase Your Chances To Win

Videopoker Online: Tips That Increase Your Chances To Win

Online iGaming industry is on a boom and as well as others Norwegian people just enjoy it. One of such online iGames that have become hugely popular is Videopoker. Videopoker is a combination of a monitor and CPU. 

Developed in the early 1970s, Videopoker has now become prominent part of all casinos. The reason being this game is one of those few gambling games that offers you a high number of odds, which in turn may change the outcome of the game in your favor. Also, the ‘low house edge’ mix gives less profit to the casinos and more to the players.

If you know your game, your chances of winning are considerably high. Yes, you read it right!

So, here we are with some tips that increase your chances to win Videopoker:

1.Try to play the Max always

Playing to the max is always recommended with maximum number of coins. Most of the poker machines give the best payout on a royal flush or jackpot as it is popularly known. It also offers you with a chance to win a handsome bonus.

You are free to start your bet with minimum number of coins too. But betting with the maximum number of coins allowed will maximize your chances winning the maximum bonus.

2. Search for the right pay table

Most commonly opted pay table for Jacks or Better is known as 9/6 pay table. The reason being the payment made in full house is 9 to one and 6 to 1 is what the flush will fetch you. If you are strategically correct, the house edge will be a mere 0.46%. 

Another pay table to consider is 8/5 where you will get 8 to 1 on a full house and 5 to 1 on flush. The house edge is a bit high at 2.8% in this pay table. More information on, “how to choose right pay table,” can be found at

3. Join the Videopoker players club

Most of the players opine that players clubs are created just to add more players and nothing else. Joining Videopoker Player’s club may look like a negative thing. However, the fact is, these clubs increase your chances of earning special bonuses that the casinos keep reserved for their best players. 

In the long run, you will also save on the house edge too. So, search for of such clubs and get registered.

4. Slow down strategically

Always remember that poker machines are built from casino’s point of view and to profit them. The more time you start playing, the more will be the loss. Maintaining a slowdown plan while playing Jacks or Better will be always useful. 

Take your time and decide which cards to keep. Take a break and come back. Remember, the more the number of hands, the more will be the chances of loss. Play slower and calculated hands. Slowing down will lessen your hourly losses too and will maximize the chances of you hitting a royal flush. 

Always keep in mind your number of hands per hour, always. 

5. Practice free Videopoker games online

This is very simple fact, yet ignored by most of the players. Trying to undertsand the game better by playing free Videopoker games on the internet is always a great idea. It will help you understand the nuances of the game. For trying videopoker for free or learning more of such tips and in-depth info on videopoker, visit

Following the above mentioned tips may not make you the best Videopoker player overnight. However, they can help you to be on the track of becoming better for sure.