What is Common between Poker and Teen Patti?

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Card games are relatively entertaining and provide an avenue to pass the time during leisure. Much more than providing entertainment, they help you strengthen your brain cells, and the thrill and excitement will help you bond better with your loved ones. You could consider playing Teen Patti and Poker during your next family game night.

Despite their differences, Poker and Teen Patti are games that involve a high degree of skill and strategy, among other similarities.

Poker originated in the US but now serves as a popular pastime the world over.

On the other hand, Teen Patti is also known as flash or flush in some areas. The game was inspired by the ‘three-card brag’ inspired by poker. Teen Patti originated from India and is now quite popular in southern Asia and a host of other countries.

Poker is an assortment of different card games with the rules unique to that specific game.

This article explains standard features shared by both games and a fundamental insight into essential Poker and teenpatti rules

Forced bet

Teen Patti and Poker games usually begin with a forced bet, also known as ‘the blind’ This bet is placed on the poker table or pot in teen Patti, the betting then starts from the player next to the dealer and continues in a clockwise motion. Each player must ensure that they ‘match’ with the maximum bet placed or ‘fold,’ thus losing all of the previously placed bet and further involvement in the hand. 


The dealer’s role is crucial in both games; the dealer handles the card for each hand and deals the cards one at a time in a clockwise manner.

Both games require a minimum number of two players before forced bets can be placed. Once the cards have been distributed, players must first evaluate the cards then organize them into sets or series of suits.

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Game variants

Both games have many variants, all of which follow a similar play pattern and use the same rank of hands.

These variants are grouped according to the betting protocol and card dealing peculiar to the game.

Poker variants include:

Straight poker: in this variant, each player is dealt a full hand, and although players ought to place their bets in one round, they are allowed to raise and re-raise their bets.

As stated earlier, Teen Patti evolved from the ‘three-card brag,’ which evolved from straight poker.

Stud poker: in stud poker, the cards are dealt in a pre-arranged grouping of the face-up and face down rounds. Each round is followed with a betting round.

Draw poker: the draw poker includes sub-variants like the five-card draw, community card poker, and strip poker.

 The five-card draw requires each player to deal a full hand face down. They are allowed to check their cards and place bets accordingly after which they can drop three cards and replace them with new ones from the deck, the community card poker also known as flop poker ‘and lastly the strip poker in which players will need to remove their clothing with each loss. Strip poker can also be played with other variants of poker.

 Teen Patti variants include:

 Best of four, Low-ball (mufliss), wild draw, low draw, high draw, two lowest draws, bust card draw, stud, community, draw, kiss, miss and bliss, cobra, blind, king and jack Conclusion

 Poker and Teen Patti games have evolved beyond mere pastime activities. In recent times they have featured in many game centers and casinos. And lots of highly skilled players have made a fortune from the gameplay.

In the nearest future, lots of revenue will be generated from Poker and Teen Patti with the onset of the online casinos.