What Types of Games are Best to Pass the Time?

Games have always been a part of all world cultures and are one of the oldest forms of social interaction. Whether our goal is to exercise our brain or just relax and forget about our worries, games have always been there to make us feel better. Not to mention, the variety of online games available these days makes them accessible to anyone with a computer and a Wi-Fi connection. Games are also a perfect distraction from work and other daily tasks, but what kind of games are best to spend our time on?

Games that Improve Brain Health 

According to a study published last year, people who play chess and other tactical games are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common form of dementia. Chess is particularly beneficial to play for stimulating and improving cognitive functions, since its rules are easy to learn, but each game is totally different and requires a lot of mental effort. And if you’re looking for a real brain workout, you could even try Go, an age-old strategy game whose origins date back to ancient China. Compared to chess, Go has a larger board with more scope for play and longer games, and a lot more alternatives to consider per move. Furthermore, both Sudoku and crossword puzzles are a great way to keep our brains active. It is proven that hobbies that require reasoning, logic and the use of memory are an efficient way to increase concentration. These types of games facilitate the activity of neurons and, in addition to all their benefits, they are very entertaining. Undoubtedly it is very beneficial for one´s health to keep their minds active. 

Board Games

We have all heard of Monopoly or Risk, but the truth is that nowadays there are many more board games on the market. The world of board games is very complex, so much that there are multiple categories and themes, which often complicates the decision to find the best ones currently on the market. Depending on your tastes, skills and priorities, you can find different board games with different dynamics, rules and objectives. For example, Ugha Bugha is a board game you will enjoy a lot. You will be able to growl, yell or hit the table while speaking in a language of unpronounceable words. It is a super fun game for the whole family in which you must test your memory. Another very popular board game is called Jungle Speed, and it is one of those games that fits anywhere, and to play you just need to take it out, explain it in 2 minutes and start having fun. In each turn the players will draw cards, if the cards of two players match, it is time to take the totem, but you´d better be quick because the loser keeps the winner’s deck, and in this game, the one who runs out of cards wins. You must have reflexes and quick thinking in a game that mixes tension, laughter and fun.

Online Games

Playing online games has especially blossomed during the pandemic when people couldn´t socialize or spend time together. There are more and more studies that say that playing online games can relieve stress and anxiety, which is exactly what people needed during the lockdown. Needless to say, online games are very comfortable because you can play from home, and in many cases you don´t even need a partner, and even if you do, they can be miles away, also playing from the comfort of their homes. Whether you are into video games or games of chance, there are countless catalogs to choose from, for literally anyone´s taste. For instance, there are many online casino reviews websites that will provide you with the greatest online betting experience. You will find various game types, the best possible sporting odds and exciting bonus offers, and last but not least, safety is more than guaranteed in each and every one of these websites.

In conclusion, there are many types of games to keep you distracted, you just have to find the ones that work best for you.

Nakoa Davis