What’s Wrong With The Card Counting

Blackjack is a card game with a maximum player advantage. You should count your blackjack points and points of the dealer. It is advisable to keep track of how the cards come out of the deck. To simplify this process, systems were invented that make it easy to count cards in blackjack, without remembering each of them. However, this technic is frowned upon and parts of the blackjack community do not tolerate it. To avoid confrontations and some serious issues, try to read some highly detailed live blackjack reviews at the OnlineCasinoHex portal, a must-read before you go into card counting behind a table.

What’s a Card Counting?

Card counting is a strategy used to predict who will have the advantage in the next hand, the player or dealer. It allows players to make more bets with less risk when the account shows that there is an advantage, as well as minimize losses in an unfavorable account. Card counting also allows you to change game decisions based on the remaining cards.

Card Counting Situation in Land-Based Casinos

Casinos are struggling against players who use card counting and can not only remove a player from the table, but also blacklist and completely cut off the path to the casino. Moreover, already made bets and casino winnings can be kept.

In our opinion, such actions by the casino are not legitimate. After all, if you compare blackjack with poker, where the player can also use all kinds of legal tactics to increase his advantage over the casino, for some reason you can’t do this in Blackjack, although there is no collusion between players or fraudulent card manipulations – a person just sits and remembers cards, even without writing them down.

No land-based casino can prove that card counting is a fraud, but nevertheless, when a player is caught with the opportunity to prove the use of this strategy, the casino reserves the right to stop playing game.

Another modern way of casinos fighting with card counters– now casinos do not play to the end but start a new one. Thus, they reduce the chances of players, since the largest win is possible precisely at the end of the deck, because of the fewer the cards, the more accurate the calculation and the probability of winning.

But if casinos are so afraid of card counting, is this not an indicator of the effectiveness of the method?

It’s Really Illegal?

Any calculations, while they are carried out exclusively in the mind, are permitted. The player can use his mental abilities in the casino. Accurate and quick blackjack card counting is not such a simple skill as it might seem. The game is dynamic, you need to count the cards in your own hands and at the dealer, while at the same time you need to monitor how many cards are out of the deck and manage to keep track of the system.

Even to play according to the simplest plus-minus system, you will need training. The first steps are easy to get confused and just make mistakes. Blackjack is easy and smooth only when the player has gained enough experience.

Card counting is not illegal, despite the fact that many casinos prefer to think so. A problem arises when a device is used to receive a win. In addition, many gambling establishments use shuffle machines, and therefore it has become difficult to count cards these days. Remember if a player in a real or virtual casino is caught in the card account with the help of additional funds or people, firstly, his winnings will be canceled, and secondly, they will be blacklisted.

Casinos are well aware that card counters can win money from them, and therefore reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to refuse anyone to provide their services. From the point of view of the casino, it’s easy to calculate the card counter, as it is usually the one who is very focused on the game and also plays for a long time with significant changes in rates.


It is important to understand that cards counting in blackjack gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage in order to consistently win over a long distance. We are not talking about the opportunity to only win, so you need to be patient in order to gradually become a plus. It is also worth stocking up a bankroll, which is enough for a long game.