Why are Esports so popular?

For all countries in the world, sport is a very important aspect of their societies. And with the popularity of gaming and its competitive nature. It is only natural that Esports came to be, a stage where the best players of each respective game can compete to see who truly is the best. Esports is an industry worth $1.8 billion as of 2022 and is projected to steadily keep growing. With its humble beginnings, it is one of the biggest and most-watched industries in the world. Millions of fans tune in to events hosted across hundreds of games and competitions.

What are Esports?

Esports in the most literal sense of the world is electronic sports, in which games are played at the highest level. Gaming is a hobby to many people but mostly younger generations, which means that the average pro player is 22. These players are the best players in their respective games and are competing with millions to reach that goal. Most Esports are team games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, or Dota 2, but there are also games with individuals like most battle royale games. These games are among the most popular in the industry, with their world tournaments having prize pools worth millions of dollars. With the highest prize pool of $40 million in 2021 at the Dota 2 international.

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Many organizations pick up young aspiring players and give them a career and place them on the biggest stages in the world. Signed pro players have salaries and practice for hours each and every day to perfect the game and synergy of the team. The landscape is everchanging with many new superstars popping up from time to time, shocking the world with their insane plays and skill. This makes the scene very interesting to watch.

Where to watch Esports?

Esports are readily available to newcomers and are almost never pay-per-view. You can easily check out any tournaments going on, usually on youtube or twitch completely for free. This makes the sport very accessible and it by itself is very exciting. Additionally, you can read up online about all the happenings in the industry on websites like fragster. From news on the latest news and information about your favorite games and players. Major tournaments fill giant arenas and give players the chance to watch games live and in-person, enhancing the overall experience.

Nakoa Davis