Why Should You Bet On ESports?

Since the 19th century, people have constantly been betting on sports. During these days, punters are attending every sporting event like football, basketball, or even horse racing to wager and win. However, with the internet’s help these days, betting games are more accessible and convenient as you can do it with a tap on your phone. 

With a wide array of sportsbooks and games you can play, another betting category is popping up online that can give you tremendous rewards. Esports betting existed many years ago, but its popularity skyrocketed as we entered the 21st century. Like the traditional sports betting games, esports betting offers lucrative wins when you hit the bullseye. 

While other sports bettors think that esports is plain video games and hard to bet, some are making the best value out of it. Also, transitioning to esports betting is easier compared to learning all the basics of traditional sports betting. What makes esports betting uncomplicated compared to other forms of bets? 

Wide Choices Of Games Leagues 

If there are many types of sports tournaments that happen on earth to attend and bet, esports can also offer the same market. Aside from that, international esports tournaments happen every year, which can also provide huge prizes. Here are some esports games that are present in top online bookmakers. 

  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty 
  • PUBG
  • League of Legends 
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Battlefield
  • Heroes of the Storm and many more 

Same Odds Styling 

The odds styling for esports betting looks the same as how traditional sportsbooks do it. Hence, there is no reason to get a hard time adjusting to comparing the lines of two competing teams. Bookmakers arrange them whether fractional, decimal or American odds (dogs versus favorites). 

Betting Types Remain The Same 

Traditional sports betting games offer Point Spread, Money Line, Total, and Live Betting. Not only that, but they also got prop bets, which is a great option when you run out of lines.  These betting categories remain the same when you gamble for esports. Regardless of the video games you play, you can select the same category where you best play at. 

Build Stronger Betting Strategies

Although esports betting is still considered as gambling, the reason why this is still attractive is the long-term profit you can get. Some sporting events require you to deal with number analysis, which can cause a little confusion. With esports betting, you can create betting strategies by choosing which team comes out stronger to bet right away. 

Ability To Shop Best Bookies 

Many online sportsbooks exist which offer massive esports betting games. Although their mainstream focuses more on traditional sports, esports is still given a huge amount of attention. Apart from that, choosing a bookie that offers the best payout is limitless, so you got more chances of earning considerably. 

Obtain Free Bets And Bonuses 

Online bookies do their best to entice existing, especially new customers. To do so, they offer promotions and bonuses to help the punters load up funds to their account, and in return, they give out promotional games. The same with esports, which is still coming out of popularity, bookies give out rewards and free bets. 

Some of the percentage bonuses offered are: 

  • 100% match up bonus
  • $30 deposit to earn bonus
  • $50 match-up bonus 

Bet And Watch 

One of the reasons why esports became popular today is the ability to watch after placing a bet. There is no need to wait a long time and think about whether you win or lose. Right after you place a bet, you have the chance to cheer on your selected team. 

It’s A Growing Market 

Esports betting might not become too popular today, but it will surely grow in more years to come. Like traditional sports betting, esports will continue to develop wagering games that can solely give our big prizes.

Aside from that, this industry will look and develop more video games in the future, so bettors will have wider options to bet, watch, and win. Lastly, more bookies are also looking to make lines and odds of these esports betting markets, so there are many reasons to learn betting in this gambling industry.


There are many reasons why you bet on sports. One of these is being an avid fan of a sporting event. Another way is you want to chase limitless opportunities of earning by entering the betting games it offers. It is why many punters are spending most of their time handicapping the right sports to bet. 

When it comes to esports, which is a booming betting market, there are tons of reasons why you must learn this. In fact, the rules remain the same, and the only thing that differs is that it comes in a video game. But, no matter how esports betting would look like, it can still give you realistic profits as long as you know how to wager on them.